Modern Warfare III

Modern Warfare III Reveal Breakdown

Agents, prepare to go dark. The latest Call of Duty title releases this holiday. Subsequently, players can carry over aspects of their previous experience into the new title. Modern Warfare III seeks to continue previous events surrounding Task Force 141. However, they close in on the devil himself in the Makarov Trailer.

Fear the Reaper

Modern Warfare III picks up where its predecessor left off. Task Force 141 aims to stop Vladimir Makarov. Makarov is an ultranationalist who spreads fear and terror worldwide. Consequently, this is the first entry to be a direct sequel to the previous year’s Call of Duty title. As a result, player progressions and unlocks will carry over.

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Bravo-6 Going Dark

War never changes, but tactics do. Sledgehammer Games(lead developer) captures this philosophy into a new campaign structure. Their partnership with Infinity Ward results in open combat missions(OCMs). OCMs prioritize player choice first. These offer a variety of ways to complete a mission. Additionally, OCMs sport a larger environment, granting players a sandbox unseen in previous Call of Duty campaigns.

Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty also celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Modern Warfare  III launches with the sixteen original multiplayer maps of Modern Warfare II (2009) in honor of this milestone. Subsequently, each map is revisioned for the modern landscape. These 6v6 maps also complement modern modes such as Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint(not available at launch).

Fans of larger battlegrounds can also find excitement at launch. Three new Battle Maps offer large-scale combat in Ground War and Invasion. Additionally, War Mode makes its return to the franchise in a new, War Map set to launch with Modern Warfare III. 

Watch Your Six

Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are evolving multiplayer and bringing back aspects fans love. Loadouts always serve as a unique aspect of a player’s arsenal. Now, players gain further customizations in the future including different tactical vests, gloves, boots, and more.

Subsequently, the Gunsmith gains new ground with the addition of After-Market Parts. They offer more fine-tuned customizations to hone a player’s preferred playstyle for that loadout. Additionally, After-Market Parts come with challenges and progression tracks to gain these unlocks.

A new feature debuts in Modern Warfare III, Tac-Stance. Tac-Stance operates in-between aiming down sights and hip-fire. Players can alternate in and out of the stance while aiming down sights. Furthermore, this new stance offers greater mobility and handle in close-quarter engagements and promotes aggressive play.

Core Changes

The gameplay mechanics of the multiplayer is also set to change with the new title. Operator base health is being increased to 150 for cored modes. Consequently, this lengthens the time to kill. Map voting makes its return along with the return of map voting. Additionally, the minimap once again reverts to traditional behavior and shows a red dot when a suppressed weapon is used.

Fans of the series should also remember their progress carries over from Modern Warfare IIModern Warfare III accepts all previous unlocks, weapons, attachments, etc. Subsequently, some previous attachments will be applicable to new weapons of the sequel and vice versa.

The Living Dead

Call of Duty: Zombies also makes a return with a fresh look. It will undergo a transformation to fit this title as Modern Warfare: Zombies. Players should expect a large map littered with undead hordes in an all-new environment. Consequently, this is the largest version to date and aims to bring players a fun PvE, Extraction-shooter experience.

That wraps up everything we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. The game is currently available for preorder and set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on November 10. As a result, preorder benefits come with the Standard and Vault edition including early access to the open beta, early access to the campaign, and more.

Keep an eye on for future blog posts releasing new info and the official reveal blog can also be found here. Are you excited for a new Call of Duty? Who is your favorite member of Task Force 141? Let us know in the comments down below.

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