Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) – PAX East 2024

PAX East 2024 is finally here. The Lords from the Iron Lords Podcast and LOGNET are live once again on the show floor. One of the many games being previewed on the show floor this year is Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT).

Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) PAX East 2024

Lords of Gaming had the privilege to interview the small team behind Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT). While playing and previewing the game we got a little glimpse into the top-down world. We were hacking and slashing enemies and throwing some lightning magic too. I only had a sword and lightning magic, but we were told there was much more to get. I even had the opportunity to attack a friendly person on a horse and commit “grand horse auto.” 

The humor in this game is immense and the team couldn’t overstate the hilarity of some of the situations. I even saw someone mention this wasn’t “Pimp My Horse.” The voice acting they used is interesting because you don’t understand what they are saying kind of like if you were to watch Charlie Brown in a way. But don’t worry there are subtitles of course.

Make sure to go wishlist Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) on Steam as the planned release date is really soon. While talking to the team we could see how passionate they were about the title, and I can’t wait to play the full version. Stay tuned for in-depth impressions!

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