Super Farming Boy Demo Impressions


Super Farming Boy is an upcoming farming sim developed by LemonChili Soft. I am not the biggest fan of games that focus on farming. So, I had very few expectations going into this games demo. With that being said, I did enjoy my time with it despite its repetition. From an old school cartoon-y art style to a cool progression system. Here are our impressions of the game!

What is Super Farming Boy?

Super Farming Boy is a top-down farming simulator where you play as a kid with superpowers who is able to harvest vegetables, fly and maintain his home with ease. Until an evil cloud named Korpo destroys your farm, and steals everything you hold dear, even your superpowers. Leaving you to clean up your farm and start anew. Collecting and planting seeds, rare shells and other goods to earn money to buy your superpowers and friends back one-by-one.

Super Farming Boy

Every night after you collect your coins you are visited by Korpo and can choose from an assortment of upgrades. Like acquiring the power to fly to get around the map faster. Or the ability to water plants or get a hammer to crush rocks for more money.

Every day means more opportunity to make more money for upgrades. But how this game spices up its gameplay are by having each vegetable also uproot other vegetable in certain directions. So, planting six or seven corns in a straight line near each other makes it so you can harvest a whole row and earn extra money by doing so. But tomatoes uproot vegetables in front of it. Making it so you can customize your crops to get the best results.

Super Farming Boy is a ton of fun though, but outside of managing your stamina by buying food and avoid goons at night that will put you to sleep. There is not a whole lot to strive for. I do recommend giving the demo a shot, as I was able to play more than an hour and not get bored. You can download it on Steam here.