Cat Quest 3 Demo Impressions


Cat Quest 3 is the next installment of the Cat Quest series, set to launch on August 8th. The current demo that is available on Steam right now is only 25 minutes long give or take. But it does show how much more expansive, and pretty this installment is over the others. As it not only features the series cute 2.5D style with a sprawling overworld. It also adds in a couple of new gameplay mechanics.

Cat Quest 3

Cat Quest 3 Demo Impressions

For starters, you play as a cat who washed ashore as a kitten from a mysterious shipwreck. There are no real story details outside of the mysterious symbol on the back of the cat’s head marking him as Seeker of an ancient treasure. Beyond that, there were no real story beats, as the demo focused on introducing the new gameplay mechanics. Instead of just having a normal melee weapon and magic. You will also have the ability to use a pistol that deals quite a lot of damage and is very useful for a lot of different enemies who can hit hard.

The game also features a good balance of on land action, and action on the open sea via your boat. The controls felt pretty natural to steering a ship. You cannot turn on a dime and firing cannonballs requires good positioning. You also have a special attack you can combo with the cannonballs to destroy enemy ships pretty quickly.

Cat Quest 3 also features local co-op, and the resting points also offer the option to enable it, just in case you are in the middle of a game session and do not want to go back to the main menu to enable it. Caves also feature an equal balance of on land and watery areas to explore within them. Some of which lead to adjacent areas of the maps. There is even a cute animation with a life preserver ring.

The game also ran flawlessly on my PC, and the recommended settings are very low. So, even a low-end spec PC can play this game very well. Suffice it to say, but the game is very worth keeping your eye on. If you’d like to play the demo on Steam, you can do so here.

Cat Quest 3 is launching on Steam, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99.