The Chaos Factor – Sonic X Shadow Generations News Update


Sonic X Shadow Generations got a huge information blowout during 2024’s Summer Games Fest event. Following an exciting reveal trailer during 2024’s first PlayStation State of Play, we finally got a clearer picture.

Sonic Generations getting modest additions, pre-order details and major reveals for Shadow Generations got major spotlights.

Sonic X Shadow Generations – Summer Games Fest Trailer

Revealed during the Summer Games Fest event, Sonic X Shadow Generations’ latest trailer gave fans an exciting glimpse at the double feature releasing October 25th.

Regarding the Sonic Generations portion of the package, the trailer showed that the game will run at a smooth 4K/60FPS on PS5 and Series X platforms. It is also implied through the game’s trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel that the game will run at 720p/60FPS.

But spliced in-between Sonic Generations footage, is the Shadow Generations adventure. In addition to Sonic Adventure 2’s Radical Highway and Final Rush/Final Chase, zones from Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) will be included.

At the trailer’s end, Shadow grows a pair of wings, seemingly through using the Black Arms DNA inside him. In addition, throughout the trailer, his infamous Chaos Control ability is on full display.

Pre-Order Information

For all versions of the game, there are two editions. The standard edition launches at $49.99 and if you pre-order it you will get a Legacy Sonic Adventure Skin for Modern Sonic in Sonic Generations. If you pre-order the physical edition, you the costume alongside a journal of Gerald Robotnik. Considering how important he is to Shadow’s backstory, that’s a nice addition for longtime fans.

But if you get the Digital Deluxe Edition, which retails for $59.99, you will get the Adventure Skin alongside more. This includes a skin for Shadow based on his prototype design, extra music for levels, a digital art book, a soundtrack, and additional skin and level for Shadow. In addition, you will get three days of early access with this edition.

The level and skin are unknown. Considering the release date, that being Holiday 2024, it’s likely it could tie into Sonic 3.

A Blast Through Familar Hills – Sonic Generations

Before breaking down the Shadow Generations portion of the package, let’s break down what’s different about this version of Sonic Generations.

Sonic Generations

Unlike Sonic Colors: Ultimate, this release is a ‘simple’ remaster. The game, while touched up visually, looks identical to the PC or 360 version emulated on a Series X/S. Meaning, it runs at a higher resolution at 60FPS. But minor additions include the Drop Dash ability for both Classic and Modern Sonic.

For Classic, this is a nice perk for speed-runs but for Modern, it seems to be more of a ‘bonus’ move. The control scheme, at least when booting the game up initially, is different.

Modern and Classic Sonic have the Boost/Spin-Dash mapped to the right trigger, while Modern has the homing attack mapped to the Square/X button. It has been confirmed this can be changed in the options menu for those who prefer the original Sonic Generations control scheme.

New Features and More

As highlighted in the promotional material, the cute Chao characters make a return… Though not in the way die-hard fans wanted.

Instead of the Chao Garden, the little guys will be featured across the nine zones for both Sonics to find. What they will unlock, is not confirmed but cosmetics for both Sonic’s seem likely.

I say this due to a leak found on Epic Games store as of this writing listing costumes for the Sonic’s. The leak mentions a ‘Retro Classic’ skin, implying either a pixel-art-inspired look or a Saturn era-inspired one.

In addition to Chao integration and skins, minor changes to the hud are noticeable. Specifically, the Red Ring counter. Unlike in the original Generations where it didn’t mark the order you found them in, this release of Generations does. It is similar to how Sonic Frontiers approached collecting the Red Rings.

Chaos… Control! – Shadow Generations

Both Shadow Generations and Sonic Generations were playable on the show floor. The demo for Shadow’s romp included Act 1 (implying at least two acts will be for each ‘zone’) of ‘The Ark’. The direct feed footage above shows Shadow running through a level heavily inspired by multiple versions of the Space Colony Ark.

Elements from Final Rush, Crazy Gadget, and Final Chase (Sonic Adventure 2) were all present in this stage, offering multiple paths for Shadow to dash through.

Unique abilities he has over his more chipper Blue rival include a ‘Chaos Snap’ ability. This is his homing attack when around enemies, warping to them and this can even be used to get through laser. He also has the ‘Chaos Control’ ability, which was used in a few ways in the demo.

Using this time-freezing ability, Shadow can do a lot. From freezing objects in place to making missiles make-shift platforms, dashing across unique trials of light; it’s a very useful ability.

Open Zone’s Return – White Space Hub World

Continuing off the work established in Sonic Frontiers, Shadow will have an open zone of his own. Unlike Sonic’s 2D hub world in Sonic Generations, the hub for Shadow’s adventure is fully 3D.

As shown in the screenshot above, it looks like a vast playground for Shadow to dash, grind, and boost through. Also, noticeable in the screenshot, is a major issue from Frontiers being addressed.

The pop-in issues feature in that game are not present here, which will help greatly when platforming challenges get tricky. And similar to Sonic Frontiers, Shadow will have important NPCs he can talk to as he progresses in the game. As reported by Soah City, they confirm via SEGA Japan that Shadow can have conversations with said NPCs.

Chaos Blast! – Boss Fights

Present in the demo was a fight against the Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2, with the fight being similar to the original. However, the monster grows wing-like arms that Shadow had to destroy during additional phases of the fight.

He even uses the ‘Chaos Spear’ ability in the fight’s final phase, though it’s not confirmed if this ability will carry over to normal gameplay.

One thing that is very much on display is the ‘scale’ and ‘hype’ factor present in Frontiers boss battles are on full display. Both in this boss fight and during normal gameplay.

Closing Thoughts

As Lords of Gaming’s biggest Sonic fan, I was beyond excited to see the proper gameplay of Shadow Generations. And what was shown, both in direct footage and skilled play from seasoned fans, has me hyped.

The gameplay looks polished, the level design seems open but not ‘too open’, and the ‘cool factor’ Sonic Frontiers showed from time to time is in full effect.

While the experience might not be the longest Sonic adventure out there, if the rest of Shadow Generations matches the quality present in the Summer Games Fest demo, I am beyond satisfied. And most excitedly of all, not all the zones for Shadow’s adventure are confirmed yet.

At the very least one or two more iconic levels from Shadow’s travels will show up, promising additional content from Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 will get added to the overall Generations package. When lackluster experiences get a second chance to impress, that’s always a great thing.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Sonic X Shadow Generations and Shadow’s very own year as the story develops.