Division 2: State of the Game

Division 2: Title Update 6 brings PVP and DARK ZONE CHANGES!

This week for the Division 2 State of the Game, Chris Gansler (Community Developer) , with guests from Red Storm Terry Spier (Creative Director) and Keith Evans (Game Designer) talk about Division 2 including loot changes and the game’s future.

General Information

  • Priority Alerts
  • Public test server (PTS) Out now
  • Title Update (TU6) next Month (October)
  • More TU6 changes information next week.

Priority Alerts

  • Eagle Bearer Nerf (They are listening so please voice your option)
    • They believe it is still too strong. But having one weapon for everything is too much. Checking Exotic Talents for everything.
  • No Maintenance this Thursday
  • PTS is up and running
    • Wave 2  of the PTS is going to add a lot of changes
      • Weapon and gear balances
  • Title Update (TU6) next month
  • Fredrick on next week to help with all the changes with talents and such.

Developer Interview – Terry Spier and Keith Evans

  • Dark Zone in TU6
    • Priories what are being looked into
      • DZ incentives
      • Full servers
  • Present PTS changes
    • Players are asking for more players in the DZ. They are keeping it maxed at 12 players and trying to force servers to stay at that.
  • Supply Drop changes
    • Randomly drop in multiple different places for instance in unmarked landmark locations. Causing better gear drops and boss/player battles.
    • Supply Drop can be dropped in the Occupied Dark Zone only protected by Black Tusk named bosses.
    • Small percentage that when you put in your flare, Black Tusks will invade your extraction.
  • New Resource
    • Overhauled Thieves Vendor to give different stock and trade Dark Zone resources to give you more loot and containers.
    • Terminal Hacks give things around you glowing to follow.
  • Removal of Normalization at max level
    • And giving you a boost to 500 if you are under it.
    • Automatic Toggle to see normalized gear.
  • Meta Changes to prevent only one build in DZ
    • Boosting burst damage with Skill builds. Removal of Tanky DPS builds.
  • Conflict
    • Better Incentives
    • Gear changes at end now getting Match Completed Reward as one.
    • Weekly Conflict Project.
    • Full Overhaul
    • Switch Loadouts
  • New PVP Mode
    • Team Elimination
    • Best of Seven – New boosts also added

“Will these huge changes bring PVP back? We could only hope.” 


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