Shawn Layden leaves Sony | PS Now Price Drop | State of PS5 | Shadowkeep Launch | ft Bad Bit Games

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. On today’s show, the Lords are joined by Bad Bit Games and @Ebontis, to discuss PS Now changes and the departure of Sony World Wide Studios Head, Shawn Layden. The Lords also talk about a little game called Destiny 2, as the Shadowkeep expansion is finally upon us. ILP 128 is in the books!


00:40- @LordCognito starts off the episode’s “Lordly Introductions” with the guests for this week: Lord Ebontis (@Ebontis) of “The Last Word” & Mr. Bad Bit (@MrBadBit) of @PSTrophyRoom !

10:55- @LordCognito is on with some #CombatTalk #UFC243 edition!

12:55- The Lords are paying the bills with some announcements!

21:05- BadBit goes into his early gaming history!

42:25- BadBit talks about how he ended up as host for the @PSTrophyRoom !

01:23:30- The Lords discuss the recent happenings with Sony, including the PS Now price drop & Shawn Layden leaving Sony!

02:11:15- The Lords discuss everything Destiny 2: Shadowkeep!

02:46:05- The Lords go over the new Official ILP Twitter Poll going up this week!

02:47:10- The Lords do their Outros!

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