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Rumor: PlayStation 5 Event Could Be Coming Later In August

One of the last saving graces of 2020, will be the launch of next-generation hardware. Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are reportedly set to release this holiday. Though, as it sits right now, we still little to nothing about the actual units. Both Xbox and PlayStation have been locked in a standoff in who will show their full hand first. With an Xbox event long been hinted for August, it was just a matter of time before we heard something PlayStation related.

PlayStation 5 News Incoming?

In a report from Bloomberg earlier today, that detailed PlayStation’s financials. It was revealed that their possibly could be a PlayStation 5 related event later this month. However, this was a tentative plan, and like many things in this industry right now. This could all change in a matter of moments. As we saw with the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 earlier today. Anything can happen and change these plans. However, after the success PlayStation found with their primarily software-focused June event, it feels like its time to hear more about the next-generation console.

“An official at the PlayStation unit, who asked not to be identified because the plan is not yet public, said Sony’s next announcement regarding the PlayStation 5 is tentatively scheduled for this month.”


While fans are no doubt chomping at the bit for a big drop of information. The trickle-down effect that PlayStation has been doing so far has driven quite a buzz about the PlayStation 5. Limited details alongside the massive success of the PlayStation 4. It’s understandable why they would take such a slow and careful approach. But here’s hoping that we will find out more in the coming weeks about the PlayStation 5. Then we can finally lay all these rumors to rest, and work with official information.

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