Wayfinder: Call of the Void Impressions

When Call of the Void was announced for WayfinderI was pretty excited to see what all would change and improve as a whole. But it was not just the changes they were adding that got me excited. It was also the new content that was being added to the game. In addition to an exorbitant amount of changes and improvements, there was also a new hunt, a brand new question, a few new quests, and a limited time expedition added to the game. It was content that I was both impressed, and disappointed with, however.

Into The Void in Wayfinder

Call of the Void for Wayfinder brought with it a few new quests that go hand in hand with the new content. The first being one that unlocks a new expedition revolving around the Gloom. While the quest was a little lackluster, the Gloom Dungeon expedition on the other hand was, what I want to see more of in Wayfinder. As I consistently grind in many of the games content. The levels, while incredibly unique and achieve different things. The Gloom, however, is the most interesting zone to make content in. During the main story of the game, you go into the Gloom a couple of times. These moments are some of the best in the game due to how creative the levels feel.

Platforms that fade in and out, having to destroy plants to free up passageways. As well as the expedition being free to use any and all enemies from the Gloom faction in it. This expedition is very enjoyable to me considering the visual design and level layout. But all good things must come to an end, and as mentioned previously, this is a limited time expedition. Meaning that at the end of the month, the Gloom Dungeon expedition is going to be removed from the game. I am very disappointed by this considering I really enjoy it and it feels like Wayfinder could benefit from keeping it around.

Call of the Void

Even if the tear in the Highlands has to be removed, it could be added to the Gloom Gate matchmaking screen for ease of access. But outside of this expedition, there was also other great content to enjoy. Like the new boss and weapon.

A New Epic Boss and Hard to Get Weapon

The newest hunt added to the game, brought with it the Drill Machine. A somewhat easy fight that can has an exploit I can imagine getting patched very soon. But the most interesting part of it, is the quest to unlock the fight. Considering it is a multiple step quest that requires doing different activities and accessing new parts of those activities. Such as the cave activity where you have to keep fueling a drill having an extra hidden room. It was interesting and felt organic to unlocking the fight in a familiar zone. The Drill Machine is also needed to build the newest weapon “Juggernaut” which I have yet to get due to an issue with the RNG in the game.

I have all of the materials needed to make Juggernaut, however, one material I just cannot get for the life of me. That being the Archaic Bone material that I have only come across twice in my near hundred hours of playing. I played the Bloodworks which is where an event can spawn during the expedition and despite playing the bloodworks nearly ten times. I did not encounter the event a single time. It is a shame I cannot offer my thoughts on Juggernaut. But I can only do the same expedition so many times before I feel demoralized. Either there needs to be a way to guarantee spawns for certain events. Or certain rare resources need to be purchasable with either Gloomshards like Gloomstones or hefty amounts of gold.


Because having to beat a boss over ten times to get a specific resource is frustrating enough. I do not want to burn myself out more trying to get a random event to spawn in an expedition.

Final Thoughts on Call of the Void

Honestly, Call of the Void adds just more of Wayfinder while making certain adjustments. Like world bosses now spawning faster. I tested this and saw that I was able to farm the Nightmaw more quickly than before the update. The Talon of Pyre world boss can also be fought more quickly, which is fantastic. The music in the Gloom Dungeon Expedition feels otherworldly, and sets the tone of that space not wanting living beings there. I just hope this expedition can stay, instead of being removed. The Drill Machine is also a great addition to the roster of bosses to fight. I just wish I could have enjoyed the new weapon, but the spawn rates for the required event for Archaic Bones are too low for my liking.

Overall, I liked this update. Its free and acts as a nice taste of the content to come in the next Season of Wayfinder. If you already have access to the game, it is more than worth coming back to check it out.

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