Warframe Devshorts 4 Breakdown

At the start of the new year, Digital Extremes started a new weekly show format known as “Devshorts“. This new weekly show is aimed at keeping the Warframe and Soulframe communities up to date with what they are working on. This new show premiers every tuesday, hosted by CEO Steve Sinclair and Creative Director Rebecca Ford. It also only runs for fifteen minutes, and they just wrapped up with the fourth episode today. Here is everything they talked about!

Devshorts 4 Breakdown for Warframe

This stream was mostly a teaser for the upcoming Devstream this Friday. Devstream 176 will be the first Devstream for the new year and will cover the following:

  • The next new warframe and the next major update for the game. There will be a reveal for a new game mode as well.
  • In this Devstream, you will be able to hear the raw audio from the Gauss Prime trailer.
  • There will be some tech talk in the stream that will go over some important changes to Warframe. This includes potentially cutting load times on the Nintendo Switch in half.
  • The Chinese New Year cosmetics will be dropping tomorrow.
  • They are looking into more Operator cosmetics turning into Drifter cosmetics.
  • Finally, they addressed they will be touching up on the problems with the Netracells activity. However, there were no details on how in the Devshorts.

But this is all for the fourth episode of the Devshorts. If you would like to catch the full stream, you can do so here.

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