Division 2: State of the Game

Division 2 – State of the Game – Title Update 4 Weapon Changes

This week on State of the Game, Community Manager Hamish Bode and Lead AI Designer Fredrik Thylander talk about Title update 4, and the future of Division 2 including Title Update 5.

Title Update 4 – 

  • Launched Monday – There are issues but they are being patched Thursday.
    • Special Field research Fixes for Gunner Specialization unlock
    • Specialization ammo cant be picked up
    • Missing Texture
    • Med Kit Issue – unable to be damaged behind cover
      • When firing and using a medkit server did not count hits. (Fixing in a patch)
    • Server Crash fix
  • So much was repaired that not all information is in the Patch Notes
  • Old school silent rogue unlimited manhunts in Occupied Dark Zone.

Specialization changes

  • Gunner
    • Tanky – When using Med Kit as armor every hit with mini gun gives you Armor and gives you ammo being around them.
    • Riot foam grenade

  • Spec into any weapon
  • Quality of life stuff – Sidearm to 500
  • Specialization weapon is also ready for WT5
  • Specialization weapon hits harder.

Weapon/Armor Changes

  • Merciless Exotic change. How it works is shooting target placing primers then igniting after a number of primers are on the target. Problem was the explosions were going after health, not Armor. They realized it was bypassing the mechanic that was making the game challenging. Now that it is been removed they are going to revisit buffing its damage.
  • Firefly skill underutilized change to make faster to target and better to use, and overall more useful.
  • Chem Launcher heal is single press on console.
  • Brand Sets are being modified unsure at this time.

“The Gunner specialization in Division 2 is a fun class to play. Not my personal play-style but its ammo buff to the group/raid make it a vital part of the team. ”

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