Inside Xbox: CHORUS Announced

CHORUS has been revealed today on Inside Xbox among a good number of other titles. CHORUS is a sci-fi space fighter game created by Fishlabs and published by Deep Silver. The game does look to be set in a very dark and unforgiving universe. Take control of your character Nara, and your sentient ship Forsaken as you battle cruisers and fighters amongst the stars. This game boasts some incredible graphics with what seems to be smooth gameplay. CHORUS is a single-player story-driven game that will take you on an immense journey. You can unlock devastating weapons and abilities to help you excel in combat.

CHORUS will run at 4k and 60fps with detailed ray-traced environments. Fishlabs aims to evolve the classic space shooter genre that many have grown up to love. The game comes out sometime in 2021. You can find more Inside Xbox announcements on our homepage, such as Bright Memory: Infinite, DiRT 5, and more.

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