Crossfire X Beta First Impressions

Crossfire X is a tactical, team shooter developed by Smilegate and Remedy set to be published on Xbox this year by Xbox Game Studios. Smilegate is the original author of the PC version of the game from 2007.  While Remedy has been hired to produce a campaign mode for the new installment.

The beta version of the game that is playable from 22.6.2020. to 28.6.2020 is offering two distinct modes. Classic mode and Modern mode, but the base rules are determined one step before. You will notice Loadout and Profile tabs on the screenshots below.

Crossfire X Basics

The loadout tab contains 5 loadout-presets with main and secondary weapons, melee weapon throwable weapon and ADS set-up. Once you prepare your load-outs you will be able to use them during the game (read below).

A profile tab is a place where you will spend the points you earn in-game to boost your character. You can spend your point on speed, HP recovery, reload and similar advantage-giving features. During the first beta day, there weren’t enough players to truly test if the game is supposed to matchmake me with other players with similar progress, but I believe that would be logical. Otherwise, the veterans will have a noticeable advantage over scrubs.

Graphically, the game does 2020 justice. Although the graphics might not be the most important factor in PvP this title feels like the eye-candy for those who appreciate handsome pixels. While seemingly maintaining that native feeling and 60 fps. Maps/locations are well crafted with lots of totally unimportant details and lots of water-induced reflections and glass breaking.

The Classic mode

So, the classic mode is a Counter-strike throwback to me. Two teams are trying to eliminate each other or plant and defend the bomb. Sounds familiar? Well, if you are one of those who was saddened that Valve abandoned the console version of Counter-strike I believe you will be happy to try this game for free. There is no sprint and there are no ADS in this mode. You have one life and if you lose it you will spectate until the match end. Later your teams switch sides and the whole thing ends in 15 or more minutes. It feels both casual and ranked at the same time.

The Modern Mode

This mode feels like a mix of multiple different PvP shooters today, but it’s essentially domination. The sprint and ADS options are enabled and you start the match by spawning between two zones. A and B. The idea is to dominate by aggregating more time than the enemy team in zone holding. Once the first team reaches enough points in zone holding both teams jump out of the building where it’s a fight over zone C.

When you die you will respawn in this mode and this was my first gripe. The map might be a tad too small and the enemy team tends to spawn-kill you often, but I guess that it shouldn’t be a problem for a well-trained team.

There’s also the tactical growth option where you will be able to get a speed increase, the offense power, and recovery while out of a fight. Also, the defense abilities like holding a shield in front of you while shooting your secondary weapon only.

The winner is the one who fills up the domination bar first!

Overall, Crossfire X runs really smoothly. Bullets seem to register properly and gunplay appears well balanced. I cannot exactly comment on the net-code with the scale of the beta. But it worked flawlessly for me in that regard although I would prefer the ping time lower than 128ms.

To re-cap

While we are expecting Remedy to deliver a memorable and graphically impressive campaign the PvP modes feel like they could fill the gap that the absence of games like Counter-strike and Valorant on console. While luring in players that aren’t completely satisfied with the Battlefield/CoD combo. One thing is certain: Warface players are already testing Crossfire X and they are loving it!

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