Planet Zoo Update and DLC

Planet Zoo Announces New Update and Australia DLC

Planet Zoo by Frontier recently announced their newest free update and available Australia DLC, both arriving on August 25th.

Update 1.3

Planet Zoo Update
Image Credit: Frontier

Update 1.3 will have a number of community requested features including

  • Animal color variations or “Colourmorphs”
    • Animals will now come in different color variations. For example, approximately 6% of Jaguars will now be Black Jaguars.
  • A new animal food management page
    • The new page will track animal hunger, cost of feeding animals, keepers, keeper assignments, and similar statistics
  • Improved staff management
    • Improvements to the staff management UI will make it easier for players to train multiple staff, give pay raises, assign work zones, and fire staff.
  • A new sandbox map
    • The new sandbox map will be located in Australia to go along with the new DLC
  • Timed Scenarios
    • Just like with other scenarios or challenges, these timed scenarios will be based on a Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal system.
  • Vending machines
    • Meeting customers’ needs can be difficult especially when you’re restricted on space. Vending machines make it easier to satisfy them.

And more. To check out all the details about the update, check out Frontier’s forum post.

New Planet Zoo: Australia DLC

Planet Zoo and Frontier also announced the newest DLC today: the Australia Pack! It will feature

  • Five new animals
    • The koala, red kangaroo, dingo, southern cassowary, and exhibit animal eastern blue-tongued lizard
  • 230 new scenery and building pieces, including plants and enrichment items
  • A new challenge zoo
    • Players will be able to explore the Tanami Roadside Zoo and beat certain objectives.

Creators will also be able to use these new items in the Steam Workshop to create habitats and scenery options. The DLC will cost $9.99 USD.

You can check out the announcement on Steam and wishlist it here.



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