The Boy climbing in Jusant. To his immediate right is the stamina bar, and the left is remaining pitons you can use to anchor your rope

Jusant Accessibility Features Arrive Next Month

Jusant currently has some accessibility features. Don’t Nod’s action-puzzle climbing game released today on PC and Xbox Game Pass. However, many of their accessibility features will come some time in November. Below are two lists: the current accessibility features and future features.

Jusant Launch Accessibility Features

Font size: Game text size, comes in Small, Medium, and Large.

Camera shake: The level of camera shake, with 0 being the minimum and 1 being the maximum setting. In game, this looks like a slider going from left (minimum) to right (maximum)

The remaining features in this section work as an on/off button.

Camera lag: The camera’s movement has a smooth lag when following the player.

Auto-follow camera: The camera will automatically reposition itself.

Display hints: This option lets you turn mechanics reminders on and off.

Cursor: Displays a cursor on the screen.

Dyslexia font: Sets all text to a font catered to people with dyslexia.

Writer’s Note: Fonts do not cure dyslexia, but many people with dyslexia do prefer these special fonts.

Jusant Future Accessibility Features

No stamina: Allows players to play the game without the stamina mechanic. With stamina active, the boy will fall from where he’s climbing when he’s out.

Simplified climbing mode: Enables climbing and moving on the wall solely by using the stick. Eliminates the need to hold down buttons for the piton or rope actions.

Without this, players need to use the Xbox trigger buttons (LT and RT) to control each arm. Further, pitons give you a pseudo-checkpoint and prevents your rope from getting tangled on obstacles.

Jump assistance: Automatically grabs holds around the character when active. As mentioned above, you need to use LT and RT when trying to grab a hold after a climbing jump.

Simplified interactions: Eliminates the need to hold down buttons for cranks and altars.

Rappel modification: Switches to a rappel mode where the left stick controls ascent and descent.

Colorblind mode: Offers different color filters to enhance color rendering for individuals with difficulty perceiving certain colors.

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