Warframe: Jade Build and Impressions


Jade is the latest warframe to be added in the game with Jade Shadows. She is a very mechanic heavy warframe and one that may be a little challenging to farm. But when you have her, and the right build, you will feel immensely satisfied using her. Here is my build, and my overall thoughts on her!


Jade Build and Impressions in Warframe

Below is the build I have been using across both Steel Path and for Netracells:

Jade is very unique. Owing to the fact she is the first warframe to have two dedicated Aura slots. I started with Dreamer’s Bond to give a passive buff for my teammates, and Steel Charge for mostly more mod space. I went for a well-rounded build for both range and duration without sacrificing too much core strength for most of her abilities, and a good amount efficiency to knock down cost of abilities. Molt Efficiency and Augmented will, after meeting their requirements will give an extra 36% duration. As well as 60% more power strength with Precision Intensify adding a flat 90% for her fourth ability. Moving onto my build for her exalted weapon below:

Blast got a very big buff in this update, making the prioritization of this status effect very important. With Galvanized Shot and Diffusion adding more damage over time in the heat of the battle. Finally, below will be the Archon Shards I chose for my build:

You can be flexible with these, but I wanted to add a little more survivability with a boost to her armor and health. With 20% more duration and 10% strength to help the core of her abilities out.

Overall, Jade as a warframe sounded originally as a support frame with an option to help her team with some very heavy hitting abilities. But she feels like her own thing, her first ability is like Gyre’s first ability, and does not feel good to use outside of synergy with her fourth. The second ability offering either a big weapon damage boost, small power boost for abilities or crazy shield regeneration as a one-time cast is very useful. Not only for solo play, but group focused abilities. Her third ability is pretty crazy though. Where you get to slow enemies down to a crawl and strip their armor. As well as revive players just by looking in their general direction.

Her fourth ability is a little underwhelming, though. Where she gets to fly and throw bolts of Glory towards foes. Which admittedly does sound very cool. But the omni-directional movement does not function like archwing. While Glory hits only somewhat hard and does not seem like it has an area of effect for the standard bolts. However, if you use the first ability to mark foes in the effects areas, you can cause a mini-nuke effect which does feel great.

I do very much like Jade though, despite my gripes with two of her abilities. She does have a good amount of survivability in high level activities.