SMT5: Vengeance – How to Complete The Demon of the Spring


In SMT5: Vengeance there are a ton of side quests to do. One quest chain you can stumble upon is provided by a Mermaid in the very first zone. The first step of this quest is somewhat easy to do. Considering you just have to take down a Pazuzu. But the second part is a little harder to do. Not only is the boss harder, but getting to her is a little confusing, so here is a quick and easy guide to getting to her. As well as some tips to taking her down!

How to Complete the Demon of the Spring in SMT5: Vengeance

For starters, get to level 20 at the very least, and bring with you some demons that deal Fire or electric attacks. Also make sure to pack some Ice Dampeners if you come across some of them.

Now, when you go to take out one of the Abcesses in SMT5: Vengeance in the hills overlooking Tokyo Tower, you will come across a Leyline fount here.

When you go down the path going to the Abcess. Take the right onto the upwards slope and then turn to the right. You will see a rock formation like so. Jump onto it and go all the way to the tip while sprinting and jump to the other side.

From here, it is a straight shot to Anahita, the boss in this quest. Make sure to take the Magatsu rail and save at the Leyline fount before heading into the fight.

This will be tough, so make sure your team is the best it can be and do not forget to block when she activates her Magatsuhi ability for the following turn. But this is how you get to the location to take on Anahita in the Demon of the Spring side quest in SMT5: Vengeance. I hope this guide helps you!