SMT5: Vengeance – How to Kill Mitama’s Easily


SMT5: Vengeance has been out for a little under a week now. It is a very traditional JRPG and bringing with it a very hefty grind for XP and money. In the game you can randomly encounter these rare foes called Mitamas. Mitamas come in four different varieties:

  1.  Gold gives you Macca and Junk to sell for more Macca.
  2. Blue gives you Glory Crystals.
  3. Silver gives you Gospel, which is an item to instantly level your Nahobino.
  4. As well as Red giving Grimoires, which instantly levels your Demons.

These are very important enemies as they break some of the monotony in SMT5: Vengeance. But when you try to damage them, they will have randomized weaknesses, and if you do not strike a weakness, you will only have one or two more chances to kill one and get their loot. So, how do you do that?

How to Kill Matama’s Easily in SMT5: Vengeance

For starters, I would wait until you have around 10 thousand Macca to burn. Because you will have to go to the Cadavers Hollow. From here, scroll all the way down and find the Spyglass item. This item costs only 100 Macca and can reveal the weaknesses of any foe. This can apply to any normal enemy, and boss as well so you should always keep these stocked up.

Afterwards, buy one or two of each elemental shard. Then when you get into a fight with a Mitama, either from finding it roaming in the wild, from your guiding companion spawning it from a treasure spot, or if you bought the DLC’s for their spawn rate to increase, start the first turn by revealing their weakness. Usually, they will either come in a pack of four or just one. Nonetheless, reveal their weakness and either have your a teammate follow up with that specific element. Or pass the turn until you are your Nahobino again and use a shard to kill them.


Do not try and use Almighty skills, they will always be resistant. Please also understand that Mitamas have random weaknesses in each encounter, you will need to use a Spyglass to get this to work. But this will be a sure-fire way to kill them and earn their loot. I hope this guide helps you in SMT5: Vengeance