Warframe: Ascension Game Mode Guide


Jade Shadows launched a few short days ago and has been received very well by the community. From Jade being a very useful and powerful warframe. To her weapons having team wide buffs, and especially its very gripping cinematic quest. But the only thing to do post quest is grind out Jade and her weapons. Such is the law of the land in Warframe. To farm Jade and her weapons, you must grind out the new “Ascension” game mode. Here is everything you need to know about the mission!

Ascension Game Mode Guide for Warframe

You can find the mission node on Uranus like you see above. I recommend going in with your party set to public. This is to ensure you find a group of people to take on the mission with. For starters, when you go into the mission, you will need to defend a console like Mobile Defense. Make sure you don’t stand near the console as the new Jade Light eximus units can cast a beam that follows you around and deals high damage.

After you defend the console, you will be taken on a very long elevator ride. But you will also have some stuff you need to look out for to keep things going, and even speed things up. When you go around killing enemies you will find these green vials called Motes. These motes can be thrown at the elevator to keep it powered. Each mote will add 20 power to it, and it caps at 50, so keep an eye on the meter and hold onto your motes.

There will be two types of motes, too. A single green diamond mote will give it power like normal and any mote with two diamonds overlapping will not only give it 20 power but double the elevator speed for 10 of the power it spends. So, prioritize these if you can. At the end of the elevator ride, you will have to defend the capsule to the extraction point like a hijack mission in Warframe. Do not worry if it takes too much damage, it will sit in place and replenish its shields before continuing. This is only an inconvenience, and that can be a punishment considering how many times you will be doing this activity.

One more thing to note, there will be three Sister of Parvos beacons to summon a Sister at the end of the elevator ride. They will look like this.

The Sister that gets summoned will act as a mini-boss and give you extra currency for Ordis’s wares, and a free Arcane. Be aware that she will summon one of her robot dogs to shield her. You will have to take that out before continuing the fight. The capsule will not move off the elevator until you do.

But this is how you do the new Ascension game mode that came with Jade Shadows in Warframe. Each run can either be 6-10 minutes give or take. So, sit back and enjoy the elevator ride, Tenno!