Warframe: 3 Must Buy Arcane Sets from Ordis


In Jade ShadowsOrdis got moved to the Larunda Relay. Mostly to serve as the vendor for the new clan event, Belly of the Beast. But he will be how you acquire the new Jade warframe and her weapons. As well as a source to get five new Arcanes. However, not all of these Arcanes are worth spending your hard-earned Motes on. There are only three worth buying, and here are my recommendations!

Which 3 Arcane Sets Should You Buy from Ordis in Warframe?

Let’s get the easiest pick out of the way first. Secondary Fortifier, it is an Arcane for your secondary weapon and has a very, very good function. It will leech overguard from enemies when damaging them, as well as buffing the damage dealt to the overguard of enemies. This is very useful considering Eximus units tend to become tanky in endgame activities.

Using the Heavy Gunner test in one of the simulacrums in Warframe, I was able to shred overguard very easily and give my Ember some more survivability using the Laetum:

The next on the list is Arcane Battery. Admitably, I do not have it maxed out just yet, but using my Qorvex as a point of reference. It is clear that any very tanky warframe can house a lot of energy necessary for their builds and you will not have to waste a flow on them. Only downside to this Arcane, is that you will be sacrificing an Arcane Revive from any Arcanes you replace with this.

Finally, this will be a niche pick, but one that goes hand-in-hand with the subtle buffs the Frost warframe got in this update. That being Arcane Ice Storm.

Similar to Battery, I do not have this one maxed out. But it has already replaced Molt Efficiency in my build and is going to offer a flat 40% of both ability strength and duration after casting one or two avalanches. Also similar to Battery, this Arcane does not include an Arcane Revive, so be wary when equipping this in your build for frost.

But these are my three picks to buy from Ordis in Warframe. I hope they serve you well!