Warframe: How to Earn Jade and Her Weapons


Yesterday, Jade Shadows launched in Warframe. Bringing with it a whole new activity, a new cinematic quest, and Jade herself. Seeing as you already have her blueprint from the quest, how do you the rest of her parts, and her weapons? Well, it is pretty simple, but disheartening if you are unlucky.

How to Earn Jade and Her Weapons in Warframe

For starters, go to the Larunda Relay after finishing Jade Shadows. You will have to finish The New War before this quest will unlock. So, if you have not done yet, please disregard this guide.

Afterwards, go to Ordis, who will be in the Navigation section of the relay. He will have four options available to you. To either spend Volatile Motes you get from the in-game alerts. Which has two sections for the entirety of the clan event. Or the bottom option will give you the above inventory. But how do you get the currency necessary? Well, brace yourself for a grind and a half.

If you go to Uranus in the star chart of Warframe, you will see the new Ascension game mode. Doing this activity will give you not only the currency you need, but a chance at the blueprints themselves.

The problem here is that the activity will take quite a while for each run, and you will only earn a small amount of the currency like you see below.

Doing the math without getting anything specific to drop, you will be here for around 17 hours unless you are doing Steel Path and just plain unlucky. So, go at this at your own pace to avoid burn out. But this is how you farm Jade and her weapons in Warframe. I hope this guide helped you!