Division 2: State of the Game

Division 2 – State of the Game – How about that Gunner?

This week on State of the Game, Community Manager Hamish Bode and Lead Designer Fredrick Thylander discuss Patch 3.1 issues and the gunner class.


Patch 3.1 – live Monday on June 3rd

  • NPC Issues – running around erratically.
  • Accuracy issues -missed shots – only firing range
  • Firing range not correctly registering all hits.
  • Gunner Specialization on PTS
  • PTS 4 – Live – PC
  • Generic Mods won’t fit into generic slots, red mods fit into red slots and blue fits into blue.
  • Testing Skill builds and makes sure skill builds are viable also.
  • The occupied dark zone now has a toggle rogue option, can push to manhunt plus status.
  • New exotic gear drops on PTS unknown if it will be out anytime shortly. (Fluke found on PTS blueprint for Exotic Kneepads)


Gunner Specialization – continuance damage

  • First Heavy weapon
  • 1k RPM (screenshot is from WT1)
  • Unable to cover
  • Riot Foam grenade
  • Banshee skill to confuse in front of them even in cover they stand up for damage (PVP is a disrupt)
  • You will see a warning on the ground prior to the attack
  • Note on talent tree you can spec into whatever gun items you prefer. (This is occurring in all Specializations not only Gunner)
  • Passive is to give your team ammo and reloads faster

  • Signature ammo will drop when this bar to the left is filled.

“The gunner specialization is looking to be difficult to kill in PVE and weaker in PVP as per description. It will be nice to see how it plays out when at launch. The ability to change what gun you are using with each specialization will make it better for all players.”


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