Destiny Shadowkeep Hit With Delays

If you’ve been enjoying the current Solstice of Heroes event and looking desperately at your incomplete Moments of Triumph, then rejoice! Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, Shadowkeep has been delayed by two weeks from September 17 to October 1st. The delay comes with news that the raid, Garden of Salvation, will launch on October 5th. The raid takes Guardians back to the Black Garden, the final level of the original game’s campaign. Moments of Triumph completion is being extended to the 17th of September. Its conclusion will coincide with the final Iron Banner of the season. The final bit of news is that cross save will launch prior to Shadowkeep for Guardians across all platforms.  With the Shadowkeep delay, this will give players plenty of time to decide on their platform of choice.

Shadowkeep will send Guardians back to the moon for the first time since the conclusion of Destiny 1. The new key art shows Eris Morn, who will feature prominently in the expansion. Eris hasn’t been seen since taking Oryx’s sword at the end of the Taken King expansion. It is her journey through the Moon that unlocks a new threat that takes the form of nightmare creatures from our past.

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