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Phil Spencer Interview | Last of Us 2 Delayed Indefinitely | Gearbox | ft Sean Capri

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lord Podcast. On today’s show, the Lords are joined by special guest Sean Capri of The Xbox Drive, We The Gamer Cast, and Cuppa Joe and Nintendo. The Lords discuss Phil Spencer’s latest interviews; the delay of Last of Us 2 indefinitely; PS5 issues; and Gearbox bonuses. ILP 152 is in the books!


Fast-Forward to 22:30 for podcast start!

25:30- @LordCognito is up with “Lordly Introductions” for this week’s guest & prolific content creator, Lord Sean Capri (@seancapri) !

51:35- Since @LordSovILP ‘s voice is a little under the weather, @LordCognito is helping out with the news & announcements from the Patreon/ Youtube Iron Bank this week!

01:03:00- The Lords go into Lord Sean’s early gaming history & somehow end up talking about the sketchy early days of file sharing!

01:27:30- Lord Sean goes into his history as a content creator!

01:49:30- Lord Sean gives his Top 5 Games/Franchises of All-Time!

01:58:15- The Lords go over last week’s results for the Official #ILP Twitter Poll!

01:59:35- The Lords discuss #PhilSpencer ‘s recent exclusive interview with #DaemonHatfield & #RyanMcCaffrey of #IGN !

02:52:35- The Lords give their thoughts on the recently announced indefinite delay of #TheLastOfUs2! For audio only Lords, keep an ear out for the 02:53:38 timestamp for the end of Part 1.

03:23:35- Could the current #PS5 devkits have stability issues? The Lords give their thoughts on the current rumors that are making the internet rounds!

03:36:10- #GearboxSoftware employees have reportedly been denied promised royalty bonuses for #Borderlands3 ! The Lords give their opinion on this controversy!

03:48:05- The Lords go over the new question for the Official #ILP Twitter Poll that is going up this week!

03:49:05- The Lords do their Outros with Sean Capri!

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