HipHopGamer and REDinFamy

Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal Aftermath | PS5 June Reveal? | ft HipHopGamer and REDinFamy

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lord Podcast. On today’s show, the Lords are joined by special guests HipHopGamer and REDinFamy. The Lords discuss the video game history of RedinFamy; the impact of HipHopGamer’s journey; the aftermath of the Xbox Series X Third-party games reveal; and the latest rumors on the Playstation 5 reveal. ILP 157 is in the books!


Fast-Forward to 24:13 for show start!

26:12- @LordCognito starts off the week’s “Lordly Introductions” with this week’s guests & gaming power couple, Lord HipHopGamer (@HipHopGamer) & Lady REDinFamy (@REDinFamy) ! There’s some #CombatTalk and #WhathavetheLordsBeenPlaying sprinkled in this LONG intro so fair warning!

56:20- @LordSovILP is up with some news & announcements from the Patreon/Youtube Iron Bank!

01:08:40- The Lords go into the early gaming/ content creator history of Lady Red! The members of the Realm this week also discuss the personal struggles that come with E3/Con networking!

01:52:03- The Lords go over Lord HHG’s milestones and his personal moments in his career so far!

02:02:15- Lord HHG & Lady Red go into their experiences as a gaming couple!

02:12:40- Our guests give their Top 5 Games/Franchises & their favorite console of all-time!

02:29:20- The Lords give their thoughts on the recent #XboxSeriesX “Game/Gameplay” reveal!

04:07:45- The new question for the Official #ILP Twitter Poll is up for the week!

04:08:25- The Lords do their Outros with HipHopGamer and REDinFamy.

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