Controller Leak Reveals Xbox Series S Is Real


Xbox has long been rumored to be taking a two SKU approach to their next-generation line-up. The long-rumored Xbox “Lockhart” has been leaked and rumored several times. But to this day, we still have not seen any official information on the console itself. However, a new leak could point to the fact that Xbox Series S does exist, and we will no doubt could be hearing more soon.

Today, a few images have been circling around forums, Reddit and Twitter. It appears to be a next-generation Xbox controller in its official packaging. The most interesting aspect of these photos is what devices the controller is compatible with. The controller works with Xbox One, Android, IOS, Windows, and most interestingly Xbox Series X/S. This is particularly interesting due to the fact we currently have no official information about Xbox Series S.


However, with a rumored Xbox August event, which is supposed to detail more next-generation plans. Could we possibly see the Xbox Series S finally? What does this mean for Xbox’s launch plans? These images leaks raise a lot of questions, but hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to find out more information.

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