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Where to find Nectar, Pollen, and Flower Petals in Grounded

On The Hunt For Nectar, Pollen, and Flower petals!

In Grounded, finding nectar, pollen, and flower petals can be a little bit of a head-scratcher. Especially if you need a decent amount. With Grounded being a survival game, knowing where to gather a large amount of resources in one, nail-biting trip can be very beneficial. The last thing you want to keep doing is run back and forth through a dangerous area. The best part about finding nectar, pollen, and flower petals, is that they all come from the same area. They don’t drop from just one area, but this location ended up being the most viable. There is a consistent amount of these three materials, among other things you can find.

The Flower Garden

The flower garden can be a fairly easy location to find. Although it is filled with dangerous creatures such as Orb Weavers, Wolf Spiders, and the occasional bombardier bug if you travel too far to one end. This is also a good location to find Ladybugs and Gnats.

Grounded flower petals, nectar, pollen
The area outlined in red is where you want to go for all three resources of pollen, nectar, and flower petals. The area marked in blue is another option, but does not have pollen. This could change in an upcoming update.

The first thing you want to do is head north towards the oak tree. The giant tree with all those red leaves that towers above you on the horizon. On the right side of the oak tree, there is an area with flower bushes that have different colored petals. Head over towards this area, but be careful of the wooden barrier that separates the garden from the rest of the backyard. This barrier has a ton of Orb Weaver spiders patrolling around it. There are gaps in between the wooden barrier that can allow for easy access in and out of the garden, but just make sure to kills the spiders and clear the cobwebs first.

The first thing you will notice as you arrive in the area is that it is large and empty. It’s clear of grass blades and dry grass, allowing for lots of room to move around. Now, it’s time to start gathering flower petals, nectar, and… pollen? Yes, there’s pollen in the game. Although there are currently no bees, but you can expect that to change in the upcoming August 27th content update.

Flower Petals

Flower petals are an item that you will use very little of. Right now there are only three items you can use this material within crafting. The ladybug shin guards, the mint mallet, and the lure trap. It is expected that more patterns will eventually arrive to broaden the use of this item. In order to find flower petals though, just take a look on the ground at the base of the plants. The flower petals are fairly large and brightly colored, making them easy to spot!

Grounded flower petal
Yes, that is a gnat carrying some nectar!


Nectar is another item that currently does not have much of a use. You can consume it to regain some thirst and hunger, or toss it into a smoothy at the smoothy machine! Nectar looks like a small, golden nugget on the ground. They are larger than the pollen, making them easier to spot.

Grounded nectar


Quite surprisingly, there actually is pollen in Grounded right now! There are no bee’s currently to take advantage of this though. This seems like it will end up being a valuable resource, as the description states “Flower discharge that bees go nuts over”. My only guess is that maybe they can eventually be farmed for nectar and honey.

In order to find pollen, you’re going to have to pay attention to the ground right in front of you. Pollen is not easy to spot, since it is just a small, pale yellow dot on the ground. Pollen can’t be analyzed or used for anything right now. Just keep your eyes to the ground and wander around a bit.

Grounded pollen

Grounded is a survival game created by a small team of people at Obsidian, the creators of The Outer Worlds, and upcoming title Avowed, among many other games that they have worked on. Grounded is currently out for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass PC, Windows 10 PC, and Steam.

If you are looking for other guides and tips on Grounded, we have you covered! Stay tuned to for more upcoming guides, how-to articles, and walkthroughs!

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