The Best Way to get Berry Leather in Grounded

Berry Leather-face

Grounded, a game where something like berry leather exists among a plethora of other familiar, yet overly-large objects from the backyard. Considering the “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” setting, drying out a few berries and using the skin as leather makes sense! This is an item that you won’t need to worry about early on in the game. Berry leather isn’t exactly easy to obtain, especially if you need a lot of it. One of the biggest reasons you will need berry leather is to craft some of the strongest armor in the game currently.

The spider armor and the ladybug armor, oh, and a chair! You have to be prepared to potentially take on orb-weaver spiders, and a lot of them. The area where these berries spawn is one made of dangerous heights, and narrow paths, combined. You are going to need berry leather at some point. Whether it be for a simple chair, or incredible armor, you need it. Here is the best way to go about getting berry leather.

Let’s Go For A Trip

  • The first thing you want to do is stock up on some supplies and gear. Take an armor set you are comfortable going into combat with, as well as a good weapon.
  • Next, grab some food and water to take with you. If you are going out to gather a large amount, make sure you have room.
  • Oh, and one last thing. Make sure you have pebblets. Lots of them. Try for about 30 pebblets to take with you.
berry leather location
The area outline in red is where you need to go to farm for berry leather.
  • When you start off on your journey, head southeast of the map, past the flooded zone where there are a ton of clay deposits to dig up. It is a bit of a journey from wherever you are on the map.
  • Before diving into the bushes, double-check your stock to make sure everything is sorted out. The food is good to go, water is filled up, and you made sure to bring a dandelion tuft. You’re going up quite high, it’s important.

Going Up!

Berry leather bushes
If you look up at the horizon facing southeast, you can easily see the berry bushes.
  • If you’re all set, head on in. Stick to the right side of the bushes, near the trowel that is embedded in the dirt.
  • There are times where you will run short on pebblets, so if you need more wander around the outside perimeter a bit. You can find stones that can be broken apart with a hammer to create more.
  • Also, keep your eyes open for Orb Weavers. If you haven’t already run into a couple.
Look for rock outcrops, these will have stones to break apart for more pebblets.

Spiders and Heights

  • Ok, time to toughen up here. Unless you don’t want to go up high… that’s completely fine! If you want to get some low hanging fruit, then you can wander along the ground and aim at the berries on the lowest branches of the bush. This is a good way to not deal with heights.
  • You won’t be able to reach all of them, since your throwing of the pebblet only has a certain amount of range.
  • Make sure to aim a little higher than you think. There are many times where you will fall short with your throw and waste the pebblet.
Berry leather
In order to get up and into the branches of the berry bush, look for this twig leaning on the base of the plant. There is a research station nearby, so it should stand out.

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These are what the berries look like. Remember to aim a little higher than intended!
Grounded berry
Once you’ve knocked a few berries down to the ground, head on down and collect!

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By now, you have gone up through the branches, knocked a few berries down, and avoided some spiders. You’ve knocked down enough berries to create a good amount of berry leather! You are now a certified berry farming master! Nothing can stop you now! Also on the plus side, it’s a fairly interesting area to explore. If you can, find your way up to the birdbath through the bushes. There’s a secret hidden deep within.

If you are looking for survival tips & tricks on Grounded we have you covered. It goes over the basics and some more advanced survival techniques for Grounded, giving you the ability to make quick work of the backyard. Stay tuned to for more upcoming tips & tricks, guides, and walkthroughs for Grounded! The game is currently available for purchase on Steam, Xbox Store, and available through Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC.

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