Mass Effect Legendary Edition | Microsoft Acquiring Sega & Konami Rumors? | ft Lasercorn (TIMESTAMP EDITION)

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lord Podcast. The Lords welcome special guest Lasercorn of The Lasercorn Channel! The Lords discuss his gaming history and content creation process; Rumors of Microsoft acquiring Sega and Konami; Mass Effect Legendary Edition; and Stadia shutting down internal studios! ILP 195 is in the books!


00:00 – ILP# 195 Pre-Show!

23:06 – ILP# 195 Show Start!

25:19 – @LordCognito is up with “Lordly Introductions” for this week’s guest & creator of the #Lasercorn content channel, Lord Lasercorn (@LaserCorn) !

42:44 – The Lords have some news & announcements from #LOGNET !

46:23 – Lord Lasercorn goes into his early gaming history!

56:18 – Lord Lasercorn talks about his history as a content creator, his #Dungeons&Dragons related content & the history behind the #Lasercorn name!

01:21:12 – Lord Lasercorn gives his Top 5 Games/Franchises
of All-Time!

01:28:37 – The Lords go over last week’s results for the Official #ILP Twitter Poll!

01:29:56 – The Lords discuss the upcoming #MassEffectLegendaryEdition remaster package!

02:01:50 – The Lords talk about the recent rumors making the rounds of #Microsoft possibly acquiring #SEGA !

02:22:55 – The Lords discuss #Google’s shutdown of #Stadia’s first-party internal gaming development services!

02:36:35 – The new question for the new official #LOGNET exclusive #ILP Poll is up for the week!

02:37:26 – The Lords do their Outros with Lord Lasercorn!

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