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Destiny 2: Season 21 Exotic Armor Changes

Bungie continues to transform the sandbox of Destiny 2. Previously, the Guardian subclasses were empowered by new interactions and synergy. Subsequently, exotic armor proved even more vital for specific builds; however, many proved lackluster or too strong. Bungie aims to begin its course correction next season. Here are the upcoming exotic armor changes.

Season of Balance

The Season 21 exotic armor changes aim to bring balance. Outliers on both sides have plagued the sandbox for quite a while. Bungie selected exotic armor from all three classes for their first pass. These choices bring nerfs to must-pick exotics and buffs to exotics often ignored. Lastly, Bungie changed aspects of damage buffs applied to prevent stacking synergy with surge mods.

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Starfire Protocol Exotic: How to get it, Best Builds & Fashion

Starfire Protocol

  • Grenade energy gained per instance of damage is reduced from 20% to 2.5%

Vesper of Radius

  • Rifts emit a damaging, arc shockwave every five seconds. This wave deals 200 damage in PvE and 70 damage in PvP. Additionally, the wave blinds enemies when using Arc subclasses

Chromatic Fire

  • Explosions created by precision, kinetic kills are larger and more damaging. Additionally, these explosions produce bonus effects based on your subclass: Stasis (slow), Solar (scorch), Void (weaken), Arc (blind), and Strand (weaken)

Dawn Chorus

  • Daybreak projectiles have increased damage. Subsequently, projectile damage is no longer based on targets being scorched

Claws of Ahamkara

  • Orbs of Power are generated by powered melee kills. Heavy Handed mods increase the potency of Orbs created (still only one orb per kill)

Mantle of Battle Harmony

  • Bonus weapon damage when your Super is fully charged is now tier-4. PvE damage increased from 20%-25%. PvP damage decreased from 15%-6%. Now stacks with Empowering Rift. However, the bonus damage does not stack with surge mods and only applies to weapons matching your subclass

Ophidian Aspect

  • This exotic no longer grants increased melee range

Promethium Spur

  • Grants rift energy from solar weapon final blows. Guardians gain more energy while inside the rift. Additionally, guardians must be inside a rift when killing a target to create another rift at that location

Sanguine Alchemy

  • This exotic now grants a non-stacking bonus to weapon damage matching your subclass while in a rift (17% PvE, 4.5% PvP)


St0mp-EE5 Ботинки экзотического охотника - Destiny 2 - GamesРАДАР


  • Airborne effectiveness penalties are removed. Subsequently, bonuses to movement, jumps, and slide distance only applies when your class ability energy is full

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

  • This exotic reloads all weapons upon a powered, melee kill. Additionally, the player gains increased jump height and movement speed five seconds after dealing melee damage

Arthrys’s Embrace

  • Weighted Knife bonus grants additional strength while active


  • This exotic now grants increasing damage to bows fully drawn against enemies. However, it deactivates after a few seconds

Raiju’s Harness

  • Now creates a blinding explosion that increases Arc weapon damage temporarily when deactivating the Arc Staff Super. Additionally, blocking with Whirlwind Guard now drains energy at a normal rate

Radiant Dance Machines

  • Kills earned while free dodge is active extend the duration of free dodge. Now stays active regardless of enemy distance. Lastly, now deactivates after using Suspending Slam

Mask of Bakris

  • Now uses a tier-4 non-stacking weapon damage bonus
    • PvE damage bonus increased from 10% to 25%
    • PvP damage bonus is 6%
  • It no longer stacks with leg surge mods. However, grants a larger bonus overall.



  • The chain lightning range was reduced from 20 meters to 12 meters. Additionally, the damage has been lowered from 85 to 50

Point-Contact Brace

  • Targets are now jolted by lightning strikes
    • PvE damage per lightning bolt increased from 50 to 200
    • Damage is increased by 50% while amplified (no longer extends range)

No Backup Plans

  • Reworked to now grant moderate airborne effectiveness and reload speed to shotguns. Additionally, rapid shotgun kills (or powerful enemy kills) grant an overshield and kickstart health regeneration while a Void subclass is equipped. Void overshields increase shotgun damage (kills refresh overshield)

Second Chance

  • Shield throw melee weakens enemies. Subsequently, stunning a Barrier Champion with a shield throw grants one melee charge.


  • This exotic now grants damage reduction while blocking with a sword instead of healing.
    • 50% damage reduction in PvE (5% PvP)
  • You receive restoration x2 when blocking is stopped (duration based on the number of shots blocked)

Eternal Warrior

  • Rapid Arc weapon kills grant a damage bonus ramping up to tier-4. Subsequently, you gain the tier-4 weapon damage bonus when exiting from the Fists of Havoc Super. Arc weapon kills refresh this bonus

Khepri’s Horn

  • Scorch is now applied from the Solar damage wave

Path of the Burning Steps

  • The weapon damage bonus changed to the same bonus used by surge mods. Does not stack. However, the bonus can ramp up to tier-4 (25% PvE AND 6% PvP). Solar kills refresh the tier-4 bonus. Immediately gain the tier-4 bonus when encased

Exotic Armor Changes Thoughts

That concludes the Season 21 exotic armor changes for all classes. Overall, Bungie aims to bring damage ranges in line. I do appreciate the tier-4 weapon damage bonus being tied to more exotics. This frees up the weapon surge mods in leg armor.

As a Warlock main, I am saddened by the steep nerf applied to Starfire Protocol. Essentially the exotic will be useless for boss damage phases next season. Additionally, there are a few reworked exotics for Hunters and Titans that may prove problematic in PvP. You can find the original, detailed blog post here. What are your thoughts about the exotic armor changes? Let us know in the comments down below. For all things Destiny 2, remember to bend the knee in the realm of Lords of Gaming.


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