The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023: No Rest for the Wicked, New Game From Moon Studios

The Game Awards are back. A one-night-only celebration of all things gaming live from the Peacock Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Today, December 7th, the best games from the year will be recognized and a ton of game announcements will be made. With that, we have a look at No Rest for the Wicked.


No Rest for the Wicked is an action RPG coming from Moon Studios, the developers behind the Ori series. The trailer shows a dramatic departure from their previous games not just in gameplay but in visuals as well. The game has a hand-drawn art style set in the Middle Ages. For anyone looking to know more about No Rest for the Wicked, the developers will have a showcase detailing it on March 1st. 

No Rest for the Wicked will be released on PS5, PC, and Xbox. Publisher Private Dv

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