Metal Hellsinger VR announcement promo banner

Heavy Metal Mayhem – Metal: Hellsinger VR Announced

Metal Hellsinger VR announcement promo banner

Music is a powerful asset for games and when Metal: Hellsinger released September 2022, its rhythm action made it a standout. After a year of DLC support, the game storms to the VR stage.

Metal: Hellsinger VR Revealed

Coming to PlayStation VR2 and PC, the rocker Doom-inspired shooter is set to release in 2024. The trailer, shared via PlayStation YouTube Channel, describes the game as such:

Step into the body of the Unknown in full VR and become a true demon of vengeance. Metal: Hellsinger VR redesigns the acclaimed rhythm shooter from the ground up, placing its infernal arsenal straight into your hands and the fires of Hell at your feet. Enjoy a range of features from the original game, including the full epic campaign, Archdevil difficulty, Torment Challenges, and Beast Assist Mode, reimagined for VR.

Overall Thoughts

While I may be known as Lord Sonic for my passionate takes on that franchise, music is a major passion. Rock and Metal Genre’s specifically are major favorites. When Metal: Hellsinger initially launched, it greatly appealed to me. It’s metal-theming, combined with the title’s clear Doom Eternal inspired level design made it a great time. Even if I wasn’t the most rhythmically inclined.

Putting the experience into VR offers ripe potential. Using the PS VR2 controller, you get heightened aiming and the controllers having the DualSense’s haptics features only add to the action. The full game being adapted into VR is impressive as well. VR conversations are a great way to bolster the platform’s limited library, with this joining the likes of Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil 4 Remake VR.

But what do you all think? Will you rock out to the beat?