Warframe: How to Solve the Entrati Lab’s Pendulum Puzzle

In Dante Unbound, there was a whole slew of new rooms added to the Entrati Labs. One such room was a new huge room with a pendulum light swinging left to right. But how do you solve it? Well, here is a short and handy guide to solving the puzzle in Warframe. As you will need to if you want the Voca or Somachord in the locked room.

Warframe Pendulum room

Quick and Easy Entrati Lab Pendulum Puzzle Guide in Warframe

Ok for starters, when you enter the room there will be an old-school computer in front of you. Bullet jump to the ledge on the left. You should see another computer here:

After hacking the computer turn around and go back to the ledge and use your Tenno. There will be a reactive crystal under the railing here, and across the room:

After hitting both of these crystals, simply go back to the first computer in the center. Afterwards, just hack it and wait for the pendulum to shock the crystal in the middle of the room. After that, just jump over to the door and it should be unlocked.

But this is how you solve the pendulum room puzzle in the Entrati Labs in WarframeI hope this helped you, Tenno! If you need to solve the Requiem Room puzzle, please go here!