Division 2: State of the Game

Division 2: State of the Game – TU 6 /Episode 2 update

This week for the Division 2: State of the Game, Hamish Bode (Lead Content Creator), with guest Chris Gansler (Comunity Developer) tell us about Title Update 6 and Episode 2 and how well it launched live. The intent is also to fix some lingering issues.

Division 2: State of the Game

Title Update 6 Priority Alert

  • Apparel Cache fix
  • Re-Calibration Score error
  • Invasions Resets now occurring Every Tuesday
  • Issues Traveling into the Dark zone
  • Shepard Rank Reset happens over a special time frame to help promote more help to new players.
  • Rogue Mechanics in ODZ now.
  • Damage to Elites not working correctly
    • Damage not pushing damage correctly
  • Gunner and Technician got a revamp and working at this time
  • Server Crashes fix are being worked on.
  • Possible Maintenance to fix issues this week.
  • Crit Range Mods should no longer be found.
  • Free Weekend on all platforms on the 17th.


Division 2 State of the Game fix Recap: “Episode 2 aka Title Update 6 has been a blast and I am enjoying what is occurring and now the hunt for new gear starts.”

Title Update 6 is live and Episode 2 Early Access is now available for all Year 1 Pass owners!
Year 1 Pass provides 7-day early access to narrative content:

  • “The Pentagon Breach” Introduction Mission
  • “The Pentagon” Main Mission
  • “DARPA Research Labs” Main Mission

If you don’t own the Season Pass, you will be able to unlock the new missions on October 22nd, for free.

Title Update 6, also introduces a new specialization, the Technician, which will be instantly unlocked for all Year 1 Pass holders. Players who don’t own the Year 1 Pass will be able to unlock the new Specialization by completing a series of objectives through the Field Research.

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