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Compulsion Games | Community Developer Naila Hadjas Interview

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lord Podcast. On today’s show, the Lords are joined by Community Developer Naila Hadjas of Compulsion Games! The Lords discuss her journey at Compulsion Games; Xbox Games Studios; Sony skipping E3; and discuss the rumors of Playstation exclusives heading to PC. ILP 142 is in the books!

Already started on January 5th, the Lords have said goodbye to football season and go back to their regular start time at 1 PM EST!


00:40- @LordCognito starts off the week’s “Lordly Introductions” with this week’s guest: PR and Community Developer of Compulsion Games, Lady Naila Hadjas (@CaptScarlett)!

07:15- Lord @KingDavidOTW is up with some #CombatTalk !

18:40- The Lords go into the early gaming history of Lady Naila!

22:25- Lady Naila talks about her early years in the gaming industry!

28:45- Lady Naila talks about her role at Compulsion Games and talks about the inner workings of the studio! Lady Naila also takes questions from the chat!

36:20- Lord @AnchormanV2 stops by the realm!

56:20- Lady Naila gives her Top 5 Games/Franchises of All-Time!

01:02:20- The Lords go over last week’s results for the Official ILP Twitter Poll!

01:04:35- Rumors abound that #LastofUs2 might be going multiplatform thanks to a recent job posting from Naughty Dog. The Lords look over the info and give their thoughts! The Lords also give an update on the #HorizonZeroDawn to PC rumor!

01:31:15- The Lords talk about the recent rumor that #ReadyAtDawn ‘s #TheOrder1886 sequel will be multi-platform!

02:17:10- The new question for the Official ILP Twitter Poll is up for the week!

02:20:40- The Lords do their Outros!

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