Steel Battalion

Steel Battalion Port Coming To Switch This Fall

Steel Battalion
This thing is a monstrosity.

Capcom and Nintendo announced today that a port of 2002’s cult classic Steel Battalion will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this Fall. The port will be completely preserved in its original state. As well as combined with a one to one recreation of the original 44 button controller. The game will retail for $249.99, and will only function with the bundled controller. We reached out to Capcom to ask if there were any plans to release the game without the monstrous peripheral. We have updated the article with their comment as follows.

Are you kidding me? Why would we ever release that game WITHOUT the controller?

Steel Battalion will be out this fall for the Nintendo Switch. It will come bundled with the controller as well as the Capcom link cable to connect the device. No word if the Capcom link cable will work with other games as well. 

Check back for more gaming news, reviews and previews. As well as more updates to Steel Battalion.   

Disclaimer: We hope you enjoyed our little joke. The world is a pretty grim place right now and a little levity is all we can hope to provide. Stay safe and, if you are able, stay at home.

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