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17 Redfall Tips for Beginners

The vampire-infested town of Redfall can be an intimidating place. But don’t sweat it, we got your back as always. Here are 17 Redfall tips to help you survive. 

Collect All the Items You See

Here’s one of the most practical Redfall tips you’ll read anywhere is hoard like it’s no one’s business. Seriously, just collect all the items you can. You’ll accumulate a nice sum where you can purchase useful items to your heart’s content. Including…

Load up on Lock Picks and Rewire Kits 

Lock picks and rewire kits (used for hacking) are essential when venturing out in town. They can fundamentally alter any outing in your favor. Keep in mind they aren’t cheap, that’s why it’s worth stocking up when you can. With that said…

Redfall Tips – Upgrade Lock Pick and Rewire Kit Capacity Early On

Redfall Jacob skill tree map

One of the early Redfall tips that will handsomely pay dividends is upgrading your lock pick and rewire kit capacity early on. This should keep you set for the rest of the game. No doubt it’ll feel like Christmas when you find lock picks/rewire kits out in town. 

Head to the Overton Theater if You Need Lock Picks or Rewire Kits

The Overton Theater is filled with lock picks and rewire kits. But be warned, there’s a powerful and dangerous vampire lurking in the main hall. So, try to skirt around it, if you’re not properly equipped.

Equip At Least 2 Weapons with Stakes At All Times

Redfall stakes on weapons

Seriously, it’s one of the ways to deal with those pesky vampires out there. But do prioritize weapons with stakes on them. Later on, you will be able to equip stakes on weapons so keep that in mind. Speaking of which…

Stake Guns Work Well

If you’re feeling adventurous, always equip a stake gun. It’ll deal some incredible damage against vampires and best of all, you’re ammo count won’t take a dent when dealing with them. But be warned, vampires are agile and fast, so best work on your aim before using them in the field.

Find a Safe Spot Before Fast Travelling

Redfall fast travel

Another one of the most fundamental Redfall tips to take away deals with fast travel. Because it takes a couple of seconds to initiate fasting traveling, it’s best to find somewhere safe. This ensures you can fast travel without worry. 

Redfall Tips – Prioritize Unlocking Safe Towns 

When you’re out and about, be on the lookout for Safe Homes. Not only do they provide protection, but they also become fast travel points. In turn, it makes venturing out in town more accessible and saves you time.

Venture Out During the Day

Redfall characters looking at Sun

Even though the vampires blocked out the sun, traveling during the day has its advantages. One, it means you can see enemies more clearly, and two, it’s easier to look around buildings when you need a quick exit. 

Always Check For Car/House Alarms Before Entering

Redfall car alarm

I learned this the hard way, but always check for red lights when you want to break into a car/building. This will ensure that no alarms are raised when entering the vehicle/building. That way, no enemies will be alerted to your location.

Redfall Tips – Use the Environment to Your Advantage

Another one of the most solid Redfall tips you can take away is using the environment to your advantage. After all, Redfall is an immersive sim, so use any tool to your advantage. See a propane tank or maybe a circuit breaker nearby? Shoot them when enemies are nearby to help deal with them.

Or perhaps you want to enter a building, so be sure to check for all possible routes/entry points. Sometimes there will be an open window or roof entry that will help you enter stealthily. 

Be on the Look Out for Light Blue Lights

Redfall gravelock

A light blue light means a grave lock (a collectible) is nearby. There are 100 of them in the game so why not collect some that are conveniently on your path? 

Redfall Tips – Keep an Eye out for Exclamation Points

When you’re out and about, you’ll likely see an exclamation point indicator around. That means there’s a side mission close by. They provide a decent amount of XP and are generally worth the trouble.  

Deal with Enemies One Cluster at a Time

Screenshot of in-engine gameplay. Three characters have a foe at gunpoint in daylight.

When dealing with enemies, deal with them as groups. In other words, if you take a group of enemies they will not alert other nearby enemy groups. This applies to clusters in building as well. Say, for instance, you clear a group of enemies on the ground floor, the enemies on top will not be alerted.

Redfall Tips – A Silenced Sniper Rifle is Your Friend

Redfall sniper light house

Seriously one of my favorite Redfall tips is using a silenced sniper rifle. They are immensely useful when venturing out in town and are so handy. Just be sure to upgrade your sniper/assault rifle ammo capacity as well.

Load up on Ammo/Equipment Before Entering a Vampire Nest

Redfall nest heart

This may sound logical but don’t underestimate being properly equipped before entering a vampire nest. You never know what’s lurking inside a nest, especially since all the enemies inside are vampires. And since vampires can dwindle your ammo and equipment fast, it’s best to go in well-stocked. 

Redfall Tips Bonus – Customize Your Character and Guns

Redfall player customization

Redfall provides ample customization options. So don’t forget to customize your character’s looks and guns. You can even customize the stake on your weapons, so go wild!