New Diskless Xbox “Maverick” May Arrive In May

According to Windows Central and their sources, we may be getting a new Xbox One console very soon. The first time we have heard about diskless Xbox One codenames “Maverick” was late last year when Brad Sams of reported on it. He claimed that the console would come with Xbox One S specs but be stripped of Blu Ray drive. Now we have Windows Central validating Brad’s claims with their own independent sources.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release it at beginning of May but pre-orders should be available in April. Windows Central also reports that new console will be called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The console should be available worldwide at the beginning of May.

There are still few things we are missing here though, such as we don’t currently know the price. We can assume it’s going to be cheaper than Xbox One S but by what margin?  We also don’t know if Microsoft redesigned the console to make it smaller. It would only make sense as having the smaller console under the TV is always good for space saving and it should also allow for a further price reduction.

It is suggested that Microsoft also plans to release a Fortnite edition of this console. It is free to play an online based game, a perfect fit for all digital console. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that any physical based games you may own could be swapped for a digital code if you choose to do that. This is something that Brad Sams discussed in his article last year.

With this console, Microsoft seems to be testing the waters. It seems like a great fit for those that consume game and media digitally. It could be used as a second console in the household, for kids for example. This console makes sense for gamers who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass which is digital service and may be used for xCloud in the future, essentially becoming a cheap streaming box

Sources: Windows Central & Thurrott

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