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Secretlab Titan 2020 Series: This Should be Your Next Chair


Secretlab chairs have become synonymous with gaming. Tune into any gaming stream or YouTube video, and there’s an excellent chance you’ll see the name Secretlab located in the background. But these chairs are more than just a name to boost your gamer credentials. This chair could be the best all-around chair for work and play.

Secretlab was founded in 2014 by two former competitive gamers Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Choo. They set out to create and market computer chairs targeted at computer gamers. What they may have done is to create the perfect chair for both extended gaming sessions and long workdays.

What’s in the box

All Secretlab chairs come with the necessary tools to get your chair assembled quickly. A nifty included toolkit comes with an Allen wrench, handheld screwdriver with a Phillips screwdriver head. These are not throw-away tools. Secretlab provides a kit that you can keep in your tools box and use for years to come. The Phillips head screwdriver bit is reversible and usable with other modular screwdriver kits or a drill. I went with a cordless drill to speed up the process and then tightened everything with the included Allen wrench. The instructions are simple to follow. It shows you step-by-step how to assemble the Titan if you haven’t built a chair in the past. The parts are wrapped to avoid damage, and the box has a foam lining. Secretlab has achieved a premium experience and makes the purchaser feel they made the right decision. If you’re handy with hand tools, the assembly should take no more than 30 minutes.

First Impressions

First sitting in the Titan 2020 was a mixed opinion. Secretlab states the users will enjoy a next-level sitting experience with the improved Secretlab cold-cure foam mix. The foam cured in this manner does produce a firm seated experience. If you are looking for the sinking plush feel of a pillow chair, this is not going to be the chair for you. However, the firmness feels right. It provides a good amount of support while helping the user achieve better posture.

For years, I’ve always slumped in my work or gaming chairs, and the Titan 2020 has made me more aware of how I should be sitting, and my back is thanking me for it. I work two jobs from home as well as recording, editing, and writing for my Youtube channel, so 15 plus hours a day isn’t uncommon. With my previous chair, my body would be achy after a few hours. Now, I can go as long as needed (or until my watch tells me to get up and move) with no aches or back pain. The Titan 2020 just provides incredible support and comfort for the long sessions of sitting.

With this being a new chair, I expect it to be stable after assembly. What amazed me is how reliable and quiet the Titan chair is. There are no rattles, even on the casters. Except for the locking click you get when adjusting the arms, the Titan makes absolutely no sounds. Tilting and rocking provide smooth, flowing motions with no squeaking or strained noise from the internal mechanism.

Let’s get comfy

Adjustability is numerous. Secretlab refers to their arm adjustability as 4-D technology.  The new 2020 model now has updated metal internal mechanisms for more exceptional durability and superb ease of customization. You can feel the quality and smoothness when setting the arms to your desired position. You can move left, right, angled left, angled right, forwards, backward, up, down, and it locks it with a solid confirming click. The concave PU padding also provides support while ensuring your elbow stays firmly in place. The armrests received an upgrade for more extended durability. Pro tip: the arms can be adjusted to slide in/out by loosening the bolts underneath the chair. Just in case you need a little more room.

The Titan 2020 has built-in lumbar support. You don’t have to worry about adjusting or attaching a lumbar pillow. The dial knob allows adjustment to fit your posture. The knob provides a satisfying click with each incremental adjustment.

The Titan 2020 comes with the lock/tilt mechanism, a height adjustment by way of class 4 heavy-duty KGS gas pistons—best in class for consistency, stability, and safety. A tension knob controls the amount of force needed to recline. These options are all well-designed and provide the ability to dial-in the best settings.

When you need to just kick back and relax, the 165-degree recline of your backrest and the tilt of your seat base provides an almost nap-like position. Secretlab includes a memory foam pillow coated with a layer of cooling gel to keep you fresh. I’ve come pretty close to falling asleep with this magical combination. I cannot approve sleeping on the job, but if it happens, blame the chair.

PU or SoftWeave

I have had many chairs that are leather. My biggest complaint is how hot I get when sitting in them for extended periods. I know co-workers that have purchased the PU leather version of the Titan and state they enjoy the breathability of their leather. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to how the leather is as I went with the SofWeave fabric. I can say, without a doubt, this is the best fabric I have had in an office ever. You can feel the quality and durability. Cleaning can be a bit more extensive, but Secretlab does have a fabric cleaning kit you can purchase. Using the SoftWeave, I don’t feel as hot. Which works as my home office can get humid.

PU leather or SoftWeave is going to come down to your taste. Each has a fair amount of designs to choose from based on your height and weight.

Puchase with confidence

Each Secretlab chair comes with a 3-year warranty, and you can get an additional two years by uploading a picture of your purchase to social media. Is it a bit of a gimmick? Yes. Considering you will probably be excited to share your new purchase with friends and family, getting two more years while doing that is a bonus.

Final Thoughts

I received my Titan 2020 on May 6 and have put it to work. Logging almost 150 hours of use, I can say with no doubt this is the best for gaming and working. The chair has helped me regain proper posture and provided a level of firmness and comfort that is unparalleled.

Secretlab chairs do come with a cost. Pricing starts at $359 for the Omega, $399 for the Titan, and $479 for the Titan XL. The Omega and Titan are available in PU leather, SoftWeave, and NAPA leather. The Titan XL is currently available in PU leather and SoftWeave. If your bank account permits it, this should be the next chair you purchase

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