PAX East 2023: Wayfinder Hands-On Gameplay Impressions

PAX East 2023 has come and gone. But we at Lords of Gaming were on the show floor covering so many incredible games. Including Wayfinder, from Airship Syndicate. While we already have an exclusive interview with some of the lead developers. Including the creative director, Joe Madureira. We were also given the privilege to go hands-on with the game. Our crew on the show floor was able to capture gameplay for multiple wayfinders and boss fights. Here is what we learned about the game!

Wayfinder PAX East 2023 Gameplay Impressions


The gameplay we captured with senior staff writer, Chris Jones, Lord Addict, and Lord PeteyTV showed off 2 “hunts” that are essentially boss takedowns. One fight against the “Bloodspawn” which is a giant slime. As well as another boss encounter involving multiple mini-bosses. We went hands-on with three of the available wayfinders. Niss the shadow rogue, Wingrave the healing tank, and Kyros the scythe-wielding mage. Niss has a fast pace to her combat capabilities. When players attack with their weapons, they accumulate a combo counter that increases their damage. Niss is able to go up to 300% instead of 200% like other wayfinders using this combo counter.

Wingrave is able to block most damage. As well as heal other players. While Kyros is able to focus on shadow spells that deal damage around him or afar. They all have unique weapons, but you are able to use specific Wayfinder weapons on other wayfinders in your loadout. Such as Niss being able to use the scythe, or Kyros using her daggers.

Wingrave Screenshot

When going into hunts or other activities you can use modifiers from your Gloom dagger to change the environment. There are certain modifiers that can make enemies explode when they fall. Or have more in-game currency lying around. We also got the announcement of the sixth Wayfinder, Venomess. Alongside some of the game’s seasonal content offerings, with the early access content offerings.

Seasonal Content, and In-Game Content

The seasonal content will include cosmetics with a unique style to how it is presented. The Season Reward Tower looks very simplistic and will host multiple floors. Each floor will offer weapon skins for the four weapon classes and skins for wayfinders.

Finally, the in-game hub during early access will have multiple vendors and you can either relax in the main town. Or go to the vast open world with six unique areas to it. Filled with a variety of enemies, world bosses, and public activities. There is also going to be a final closed beta next month before the early access launch in May. You can still sign up for upcoming the closed beta, here.

You can watch their PAX East panel here for more information on the game.

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