SMT5: Vengeance – Where to Find the Miman Cironnups


In SMT5: Vengeance there are 200 “Miman” that you can collect in each Canon route. They will be littered throughout each map in either obvious areas, or obscure places. But in each zone, you can find a Cironnup, a Demon fox that can reveal the location of every Miman in each area. Below will be a quick and easy guide to finding these foxes in every zone for both Canon routes!

Every Miman Cironnup Location in SMT5: Vengeance

Let’s start with the first area:


It will be located at the very end before going into the Diet building. It is very easy to find.


Similarly, it will be in the fairy village area. You can find him after going up from the river. The exact location is on the map like you see below.

Canon of Creation: Chiyoda

After defeating Surt, you will find a Leyline Fount. From here head towards the streetlights.

Afterwards look to the left and climb those platforms, then take another left, and not take the platform on the right.

Its exact location on the map will be below.


Canon of Vengeance: Shinjuku

This is one of the more well-hidden ones in SMT5: Vengeance. Before going to confront the Qadistu in the Government building, head back across the bridge, and head towards the building in front of you, but not the one on your left.

When you go to the corner overlooking the edge, you will have to cross it. Be very careful.

From here you can find him in the exact location below.


For this one, you will have to go to the Leyline Fount in Akasuka. From the Leyline Fount, jump off the first magatsuhi platform on the left. Then go around the rectangular one and you should see three upwards platforms like so.

Afterwards, go up, and into the railway under the highway, and take a right until you see him in the exact spot below. Ensure you have 20,000 Macca before talking to it.



But these are all the locations of the Cironnup’s that show the locations of Miman’s in SMT5: Vengeance. I hope this guide helps!