SMT5: Vengeance – Where to Find the Nahobeeho


SMT5: Vengeance is filled to the brim with many kinds of Demons you can recruit. Either from just progressing in the game, finding them in the open areas, or in this case, doing side quests. One of the side quests you can encounter near the end of the game is one that involves a cute new variant of Jack Frosts, known as the Nahobeeho. This quest is relatively easy, but if you were looking to know where to start the quest, here is the location!

Where to Find the Nahobeeho in SMT5: Vengeance

For starters, you will have to head to Taito. It is the fourth area in Da’at in both the Canon of Vengeance, and Creation routes. Go down the slope from the first Leyline Fount in that area and cross the first railway and then head west.

You will find a path to the left after the dilapidated highways, and one that leads to a few Treasure Boxes. The pond area above will be overlooking the path you need to take. Go left and keep heading that way until you find the second split that has a path leading right. Take this path and just keep going until you find this little corner.

Afterwards you just have to do a small quest of talking to other Demons, this quest in SMT5: Vengeance is very easy and will only take like 5 minutes.

After the quest, you will unlock him as a Demon Navigator and the special fusion to make him part of your team. You will need the following Demons to summon him:

  1. Jack Frost.
  2. King Frost.
  3. Black Frost.
  4. Silky.

He will be a very good strength and frost-based Demon that you can use the essence system to add plenty of the strength based elemental skills. I hope this guide helped!