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The First Descendant Guide – Fastest Way to Level

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A new challenger enters the battle. Nexon Games released a new live-service game this week. Furthermore, The First Descendant mixes elements from established franchises in hopes of delivering something unique. There are many Descendants to choose from and level up. As a result, here is an efficient method to save you time on leveling new characters.

First Descendants Albion Defense Rewards Screen

Defend Kingston

The First Descendant features many playable hero characters called Descendants. However, they must be unlocked beyond your starting Descendant. Each starts at level one and must be advanced separately to level 40. On the other hand, players can farm these levels consistently in one place.

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Ingris is the fictional setting of The First Descendant. Subsequently, it is divided into several zones during the campaign. Kingston is the first zone. Here, players should go to the special operation: Kingston Albion Resource Defense. This is a wave-based defense mission. There are 21 waves in total. Subsequently, different sections comprise its entirety. This guide focuses on waves one through seven.

First Descendants Albion Defense Rewards Screen

Launch the mission. Each wave lasts two minutes. However, you will fail if the Albion equipment is destroyed. Your goal is to simply farm the enemies and gather the easy experience. Rewards are granted once you complete the first seven waves. You and your party can continue; however, the mission becomes more difficult. Instead, choose to abort the mission and then queue again.

This method takes around 15 minutes. Descendants skyrocket in levels early on. This slows down after level 20. Yet, this remains a simple and efficient method. Players also gain easy weapon proficiency and mastery levels (necessary to increase your module capacity in The First Descendant).

I found the right tunnel section best for mowing down enemies at their spawn. On the other hand, it is not necessary to deal the killing blow yourself to claim the XP. Regardless, put on your favorite show/podcast and never worry about tedious leveling for new Descendants again.

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