A Saturn Jam – New Skin Coming to Sonic X Shadow Generations

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With the incoming release of Sonic X Shadow Generations, SEGA is gearing up for more announcements for the exciting release. In addition to the pre-order costumes for Modern Sonic and Shadow, comes a special Saturn-era costume for Classic Sonic.

Sonic Jam-Inspired Costume for Classic Sonic

Like the other hedgehogs, Classic Sonic will get a special costume as well. Inspired by his appearance in the Classic Sonic collection of Sonic Jam, Classic Sonic can don a low-poly look. To get this costume, one must sign up for the SEGA newsletter before November 1st.

Potential for Other Costumes

While all three hedgehogs now officially have alt costumes, more could be possible. Modern Sonic could have his look from Sonic Adventure 2 with all his upgrade gear, while Shadow could don a similar look modeled from the same game. Even Classic Sonic has some options as well.

One idea could be bringing in Classic Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, using their looks from Sonic Superstars as skins. Another option could be using his look from Sonic the Fighters, with that low-poly look having a more cell-shaded style than his Sonic Jam counterpart.

Closing Thoughts

As someone who knows his Sonic history, seeing Sonic Jam of all games get acknowledged is amazing. While most recall Sonic Mega Collection or the recent Sonic Origins as ‘the’ collections for Sonic, Sonic Jam is special.

They weren’t emulations of the Classic games. Similar to Sonic Origins, they were rebuilt for the hardware it released on. This means that SEGA Saturn owners benefited from minor improvements for the Classic titles. In addition, it was a landmark for the series as the first proper 3D title in the series.

With the cancelation of Sonic X-Treme, the Saturn did not have a 3D Sonic experience. Even if it was only a small hub world for Sonic to run around in, Sonic Jam’s Sonic World area was an exciting window into what the world saw with Sonic Adventure.

Hopefully, this skin could be a free DLC outside of the SEGA Newsletter offer in the future, as it is an amazing history to see celebrated.




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