The Flash

The Flash Races Onto King Of Statues 51


The King of Statues is proud to present The Flash 1:6 DC Premium Collectibles Rebirth series statue from XM Studios. The Fastest Man Alive is immortalized in amazingly detailed cold-cast porcelain. A stunning detailed base featuring the classic Cosmic Treadmill. This device allows The Flash to travel faster than the speed of light and time to travel to different dimensions!

The Flash

The mysterious power known as the Speed Force is an energy field that has granted incredible powers of velocity to certain heroes. The most famous of these is The Flash, also known as the Fastest Man Alive. The Flash has mastery over not just speed, but time itself, and he has often used his powers to travel through different eras and even into other dimensions.

The Flash

The Flash


Brand: DC

Manufacturer: XM Studios

Type: The Flash1:6 scale


Product size : 30 cm L X 35 cm B X 39 cm H (estimate) 

Est. Box Size : 56.5 cm L X 41.5 cm B X 35 cm H (estimate)  

Est. Product Weight : 5.4 kg (estimate)
Est. Shipping Weight : 10 kg (estimate)

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