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Xbox Game Pass and xCloud Combine Forces


The closer we have been getting to the end of the year, the more exciting it has become for gamers. Today in an Xbox Wire post, Phil Spencer re-addressed the Xbox Gaming Divisions vision for next-generation and capped it off with a big announcement. Project xCloud will be joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a combined service. This will be taking place in September and will be supported in current countries that have the program. This allows you to play any Xbox Game Pass title on the go.

Xbox Game Pass

With access to 100+ titles right off the bat, this makes the move a no brainer. It really has been incredible to see the success of Xbox Game Pass since it’s inception only a few years ago. The service already has an impressive 10 million active subscriptions. Giving those players instant access to xCloud as a free additional service really was the smartest direction to move in. It won’t be long now until we also get a look at Xbox Game Studios future first-party lineup. If you want to know even more about what Xbox has in store, tune in next week on July 23rd.

When you add it all up, Xbox Series X is the only next generation console that lets you play new blockbuster games at the highest console fidelity, enjoy the latest blockbuster games the day they launch for one monthly price, play four generations of your games at higher fidelity than ever before, and play with friends wherever you want across your TV, PC, and mobile device. And with Xbox All Access, you can jump into the next generation for one low monthly payment and no up-front costs. – Phil Spencer

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