Vacationing in Ghost of Tsushima


Even if the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us indoors, who says we still can’t go on vacation? In Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, the game has quite the recommendation for where your next big trip should be.

Have you ever wanted to gaze upon gorgeous East Asia vistas? Get in tune with nature and achieve complete spiritual serenity? Or maybe enjoy the thrill of katana sparring and archery? Look no further than the not so safe late 13th century era of Tsushima, your next vacation hot spot! In the year 1274 Tsushima, explore all of the island’s blissful and athletic offerings like steamy hot springs or rock climbing!

Of course, you may be thinking, “This trip is going to cost me a fortune!”, right? WRONG! You’ll only have to pay $59.99, and that’s just for travel. Every activity, including fox petting, AND MORE are all inclusive! Visit ancient temples, historic shrines and engage in local side quests ventures only available in Tsushima.

We can tell you all of the amazing wonders of Tsushima, but why not show you instead? See below for our professionally-taken photos in photo mode for a peak at the best vacation ever! WARNING: Unofficial LOGNET travel agents are NOT responsible for the well-being of visitors concerning lethal Mongol soldier encounters, poisonous mushrooms or hungry bears

R & R in Tsushima

As soon as your feet hit the grassy plains of Tsushima, make sure to find one of our prime relaxation spots! With 18 lavish Hot Springs and over 15 areas to practice your Haikus across the island, you’ll soon forget about your nagging boss.

Go for a blissful hike, rain or shine. Take in the sights of orange rolling hills, vibrant flower beds and gorgeous sunsets by the beach – all in just a few hours or less!

ATTENTION: Skinny dipping is NOT ALLOWED in the Hot Springs!… just kidding. Go wild and get serene, vacationers.

Athletic Activities in Tsushima

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Tsushima offers a wealth of activities. From intense archery to epic mountain climbing to swimming, you’ll never get bored!

You’ll get so good at archery that you’ll be hitting targets with your eyes closed, like this guy!


Katana Spar with locals! Don’t worry, that’s not REAL blood…


The Sights, Sounds, and Wildlife of Tsushima

We think words can’t do samurai justice to the vista and varied ecosystem of our beautiful island! Don’t you agree?

Hang With Locals and Visit Neighboring Towns

With so much sun to soak in, why not do it with the Tsushima natives?! Uncover the secrets of the island and learn about the eccentric culture within!

So book your dream vacation to year 1274 Tsushima now!

All jokes aside, Ghost of Tsushima is one hell of a game. As someone who has loved and played every game they made, Ghost of Tsushima is undoubtedly their pièce de résistance – so far. I haven’t finished it yet, and that’s due to me constantly taking photos in photo mode. It’s so much fun exploring the team’s atmospheric vision of feudal Japan as well. Click here to read our review of Sucker Punch’s latest title. また ね (Mata ne)!

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