Warframe: Cantare Build and Impressions


To go alongside Jade, and her other two weapons is a pair of actually awesome throwing knives called Cantare. The Cantare originally were underwhelming to me because I kept using normal build ideas with it. As such I needed to think outside of the box with it. Its unique abilities make it stand out and become something I am not afraid to use in the endgame content of Warframe. But let us start with the build before we get more into its use cases.

Warframe Cantare

Cantare Build and Impressions in Warframe

Below is the build I have using for the Cantare:

It may not look like much, but this build is genuinely hilarious. First, I need to explain how they work. When throwing the Cantare they will pierce through all foes, and reloading calls them back. On the initial hit, it will seem underwhelming. But when you call them back, you are guaranteed red critical hits against everything caught in the way. Meaning that stacking everything into critical damage and skewing towards slash procs is very important for major damage output. Secondary Fortifier is a personal touch for me, considering it can efficiently erase overguard from Eximus units in Warframe.

I was not expecting much with Cantare as a weapon. But the guaranteed red critical hits allow it to stand out and perform well above most of my arsenal right now. Its passive buff for allies giving extra reload speed is just the cherry on top. The fact that I do not have to worry about ammo as well is also a great touch with them. I strongly recommend using these in every activity, low level, steel path, Netracells, Elite Archimedea if they are an option. Pretty much every activity aside from the final act in Archon Hunts can be brought to their knees with the Cantare in Warframe. I hope this build helps you!