How To Get Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes 5 Most Difficult Recruits


Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Today I am going to talk about how to recruit 5 of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’ most difficult characters. Keep in mind, one of the listed characters is one of my personal favorites. These won’t be in any specific order and are the ones I found were most difficult for me and others. So, let’s get into it!

Everything below will contain spoilers.

How to Get 5 of the Most Difficult Recruits in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

5. Huang

The first of the 5 is none other than the Fisherman Huang. He was one that I know people I talked to struggled with in Eiyduen Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The first thing you need to do is talk to him in the town of Arenside. When you do that, he will give you a Bamboo Rod. This is important because it’s how you unlock the ability to fish in the fishing spots. You will eventually meet him again when you get to the town of Hishan. You will mention to you about bringing him a fish called a Wheel-Eye Bream.

The fishing spot for the Wheel-Eye Bream is next to the Seaside Cavern location. If you are looking at the Cavern, go to the right side of it and the fishing spot (wish you have to find) is a little hidden. Once you find it start fishing, and eventually with some luck you will catch the Wheel-EyeBream. Take the fish back to Huang and he will join after you say, “You have a place with us.”

4. Hogan

Hogan is the trading merchant in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. He might be another one that can cause some minor problems, so this is how to get him. You will find him in the town of Twinhorne West on the dock. After talking to Hogan, you will have to make at least 50,000 Baqua by trading. When trading you should buy items that have red arrows indicating the price is low.

Then you will want to sell items when the arrows are green indicating the price is up. You can do this over time and once you get the recruit that allows you to teleport it makes it a lot easier. After a bit, go back and talk to Hogan once you have made 50k. Talk to him and welcome him to the ranks and he’ll join.

3. Celia

If you are looking to recruit Celia, this you how to get her. Once you unlock your HQ Chef, Kurtz you will have chefs showing up at your inn (The Heroes Den) looking for a cook-off. You can do these battles each time you head back to your town after some time has passed. Throughout your time playing the recipes for the cooking minigame can be obtained in multiple ways. You can get them by talking to certain people, you can get them from chests, and from chests during monster fights. The more recipes you have to easier it is as it allows you to have a variety.

When doing the cooking mini game your judges could reveal hints about what dishes they like. That allows you to have an idea of the dish to prepare. You will want to do appetizers for course 1, main dishes for course 2, and dessert for the third dish. Then with some luck, you will beat the other chef. Celia appears masked multiple times after defeating a chef in the minigame. After the 15th win, she will appear once again and be your 16th challenger. After you defeat her in the cooking battle she will join you.

2. Reyna

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Someone I wish I knew how to get from the beginning was Reyna. After you come across her in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes in the town of Dabavin and talk to her, you will have to battle her. The thing that makes her difficult is that you have to deal enough damage within 3 turns. If you fail, you can just try again later. To get her you have to deal 1500 damage to her in those 3 turns. My setup was Nowa, Yuthus, and Garr in the front row. My back row was Melridge, Lian, and Momo.

I got Reyna after I over-leveled in the HQ secret room. Any decently strong characters preferably with blunt weapons to break Reyna’s Armor with good equipment should be fine. Having powerful magic users with offensive rune lenses in the back helps as well. But I like the party I used above. She had really high defense and is one of, if not the best defensive character in the game. Once you defeat her you will be able to let her join your forces.

1. Reid

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

The last character many people might have struggled with is Reid. This is how to get him. He is another character locked behind having to go through a minigame quest line. You first meet him in the town of Eltisweiss when you are introduced to the game of Beigoma. After you recruit Dr. Corque (he gives you your first Beigoma) speak to Reid at your castle. You will need to continue battling Beigmoa players through towns to beat enough to challenge the better ones in the quest line.

You will defeat the quest Beigoma players in this order starting with Venom in Daphan. After that, there is Thudd in Arenside. Then you have to beat Zeph in the Treefolk Village. Visit Reid at Corque’s house and then defeat him next. The last of the elemental Beigoma players are Flowe in Hishahn then Pyre in Imperishi’arc. After defeating all of them you will battle against Crash in Ardinale. After you defeat Crash, Reid will finally join you at that point. These can drop from monster battles and be given as a reward. All you need is a 3-star Beigoma top, and you should be fine.

Closing Remarks

Like I said before these aren’t in any particular order but were the ones I thought and heard people say were more difficult. I do want to mention the very last character Leene. If you recruit all the other characters in the game, Leene will show up toward the end which saves someone’s life! Stay tuned right here at Lords of Gaming for more Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes content and upcoming how to guides from me in the future!