Warframe Devshorts 20 Breakdown


At the start of this year, Digital Extremes started a new weekly show called “Devshorts“. This new show is aimed at keeping the Warframe and Soulframe communities up to date with what they are working on. This show premiers every Tuesday, with CEO of Digital Extremes Steve Sinclair and Creative Director Rebecca Ford. It also only runs for fifteen minutes on the dot, and they just wrapped up with the twentieth episode today. Here is everything they talked about!

Warframe Devshorts 20

Devshorts 20 for Warframe Breakdown

In this week’s Devshorts, they talked about how it’s been one week since Jade Shadows launched, and its reception being incredibly positive. Digital Extremes is incredibly grateful for the community and their commitment to not sharing Quest spoilers for those who have yet to play. They also went over the following updates in today’s hotfix and other topics, including:

  • The Jade Shadows Quest will now be replayable, starting today!
  • There bug where the new Ascension mission elevator sometimes went down instead of up has been fixed in today’s hotfix.
  • There are new collectible Prex cards that have been hidden around the Relays today. Featuring new and fan-favorite Warframes.
  • Digital Extremes is counting the days to TennoCon 2024. The event is only 24 days away as of today. Please ensure you tune in for the latest news on both Warframe and Soulframe during that show. As well as grabbing some great Twitch drops, including a new rifle, and a free Saryn Prime!
  • An issue with Cross Platform Save account linking (not merged accounts) prevented some players from merging accounts due to specific items in their inventory. As of last week, items purchased with real money are now added to the Primary Account during the linking process. This change does not affect merged accounts in any way. You can read more about these changes in the Cross Platform Save FAQ.

But that wraps up this week’s Devshorts. It is currently unknown if there will be Devshorts going on each week until TennoCon. But if there is, expect us here at Lords of Gaming to cover the show!

If you would like to watch this week’s show for any minute details, you can do so here.

Update 6/25/2024

Shortly after this article went live, Creative Director Rebecca Ford has clarified that the aforementioned hotfix is being delayed until tomorrow: